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nelly b jammin

5/5/17 - hi, i new. i lost. play with i.
abuse (self-harm, domestic, sexual, excessive drugs, etc)
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all the sexy chris's (pratt, evans, pine, hemswoth), nico tortorella, jeffery dean morgan, harry styles, pierce brosnan, daniel craig, sebastian stan, jasmine sanders, candice swanepoel, aarika wolf, amelia zadro, milo ventimiglia, michael b jordan, idris elba, but basically i love them ALL! poc's my life /hinthint/
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miley cyrus? harry shum jr? idk! there isn't a lot, i love all pb's! it depends on what you make of the character, not what they look like! but ask me first! i'm honestly not picky, i love them all! maybe no one who's a jerk irl. johnny depp, kanye, donald trump, chris brown, etc etc. ;P

please keep the cbox pg 13!