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max scamander
Notes from max
23 may - i'm so sorry i'm a horrible human being. i am ALMOST caught up (lacking like two replies?) so if you didn't wanna wait the month it took me and decided to drop something i understand. you can discord me @max#8484 or telegram me @maxlightwood.
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the faves
julianne hough, elsa hosk, emeraude toubia, camila mendes, matthew daddario, eddie redmayne, zayn malik, nico tortorella

you can find a more exhaustive list in my crack ship, those are just kinda my go-to's right now.
the hell nos
the kardashians/jenners, miley cyrus, cara delevigne, and justin bieber.

i don't use kpop faces because i don't know them, but you're more than welcome to pair them against me!
the triggers
i prefer to avoid current suicidal ideation/attempts, but mentions of past situations are ok.

otherwise anything is fair game.