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So I'm definitely down to plot! I hope that you're down too! ;D I'm always looking for more smut plots, but smut with plot, if ya know what I mean? *wink* Any who! I'm only interested in rapidfire and longer threads at the moment, and hope you'll take pity on me and plot with me! Hit me up through PMs, or through my crackship~
all-time faves
no, thank you!
please no
Freya Mavor, Melissa Benoist, Parker Hurley, Ebba Zingmark, Stephen James, Tomas Skoloudik, Jonas Sulzbach, Francisco Lachowski, Sam Way, Josefine Ekman Nilsson, Mona Johannesson, Hannah Ferguson, Adam Von Rothfelder, Julian Schratter, Jesse Lee Denning, Alysha Nett, Hannah Snowdon, Andre Ziehe, Josephine Skriver, Romee Strijd, Sara Sampaio, Matt Daddario, Anais Mali, Jessica Stam, Thea Krag, Alicia Spoljar, and so many more models...
Anyone other than boy bands, and celebrities like the Kardashians. I particularly love models, so please, throw them my way!
Graphic violence/abuse, anything else, I'll let you know if I'm uncomfortable with anything,
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