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so here's the deal; I looked at just ONE of my syllabi and every assignment increases in pg length (single space) by the end of the semester which is 25-30 pgs :') sooooo expect delays; please be patient with me <3
incest, rape, ultraviolence, pregnancy/miscarriage, animal abuse
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(mxf ships only) Barbara Palvin !!!, Gal Gadot, Grant Gustin, Steven R. McQueen, Taylor Marie Hill, Theo James!!! Zac Efron, Chris Evans, Colton Haynes, Henry Cavill !!!, Jeremy Renner, Max Irons!!!, Paul Bettany!!!, Zoey Deutch, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander !!!
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biebs, kpop, reality stars, jlaw, youtubers, paul wesley

please keep the cbox pg 13!