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wolfgang ray bogdanow
Notes from ray
don't mind me and my crippling depression
age: 25
pronouns: he/him
timezone: eastern
contact: drizzydrayke#8289
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adam levine, avan jogia, billy huxley, brian j. smith, chadwick boseman, chance the rapper, charlie hunnam, childish gambino (donald glover), chris john millington, cody christian, cole sprouse, diego barrueco, drake (aubrey graham), dylan sprayberry, frank ocean, idris elba, jaden smith, jason momoa, jim caviezel, josh beech, keiynan lonsdale, kyle krieger, matthew hitt, max riemelt, nyle dimarco, reece king, ricki hall, rj king, steven r. mcqueen, tom hardy, trevante rhodes, troye sivan, tyler posey, zac efron.
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no one~
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