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roe dameron
Notes from roe
4/17/17: i understand the way i left the site was pretty abrupt, but i am in the middle of actively staving off a nervous breakdown. it might be a while before i am back here.

4/9/17: my muse is kind of dead right now? spring is usually a bangin' time for me rp-wise, but at the moment, i'm just not interested in being here, so for a little while, i'm not going to be. nothing personal, i just don't believe in forcing it. i'll probably be back to pick up things with whoever's game in a few weeks. xo
age: 24
pronouns: she/her
timezone: gmt - 5
contact: pm for telegram
mature threads: ask first
member group: dory
posts: 1292
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the faves
salt & pepper daddy: ben affleck.

jilted ex-lover: chris evans. 😂

this entire profile is a joke right now, as i'm actually on hold for new plots, with strict exceptions.
the hell nos
ansel elgort, bbc faces (except kat prescott, freya mavor, karen gillan, jack o'connell and antonia thomas), boy/girl band members (except harry fml), iwan rheon, jennifer lawrence, johnny depp, norman reedus, ouat faces (except meghan ory), taylor hill, teen wolf faces (with situational exceptions), sebastian stan, tom hardy (sorry!! they might come off the list later), youtubers.
the triggers
racism, heavy emotional abuse (this includes things like stockholm syndrome), heavy depression, terminal/chronic illness, suicide; i also won't do non-con, sexual situations with a character that's underage, child/animal abuse, or stalking (unless it's done by a third party and not our characters).

i reserve the right to pitch a plot involving one or more things on this list. these are things i do not want suggested to me.