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april 3rd - welp, so my grandpa got sick and i went mia. he's better now and kicking. now i've been busy helping plan my sister's wedding (bc she decided last weekend she's getting married july 1st and expects me to plan everything for her). long story short, i'm back and starting over.
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no rape and no physical abuse (mentions are fine tho)
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taylor hill, rachel hilbert, sara sampaio, bridget satterlee, gigi hadid, barbara palvin, jourdan dunn, joan smalls, jessica parker kennedy, natalie dormer, emilia clarke, daria sidorchuk, luca hollestelle, emily rudd, saorise ronan, sophie turner.... tbh i love most women bc they're beautiful and wonderful

andre hamann, daniel sharman, sebastian stan, sam claflin, chris evans, chris pine, dylan o'brien, joseph morgan, michael b. jordan, diego barrueco, uhm... yeah, not as good with guys, sorry. if they're not on the no go faces then i'm probably cool with them
no thanks
miley cyrus, demi lovato, shailene woodley, taylor swift, tom hiddleston, ian somerhalder, colton haynes, benedict cumberbatch, the kardashian/jenner crew

please keep the cbox pg 13!