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ivy leaf
Notes from ivy
4.23.17 out of town until 5.5 for work rip me but this time it should be more like my normal schedule!

age: 25
pronouns: she/her
timezone: est
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mature threads: yes
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the faves
4minute, bap, blackpink, block b, bts, exo, got7, mamamoo, miss a, monsta x, pentagon, sf9, toppdogg, victon or literally anyone pls

bambam bhuwakul, bang yongguk, byun baekhyun, choi ikje (1llevn), choi youngjae, huang zitao, im jaebum, jackson wang, jennie kim, jeon jungkook, jin hyosang (kidoh), jung daehyun, jung heonchul (iron), kim seokjin, kim jisoo (blackpink), kim ji soo (actor), kim taehyung, kim hansol, kim minseok, kim jongin, kim yukwon, kim hyuna, kim myungsoo, kris wu, lalisa manoban, lee minho, lee joongi, lee sungyeol, lee minhyuk (btob), lee minhyuk (monsta x), meng jia, nam joo hyuk, nam woohyun, park chanyeol, park jinyoung, park chaeyoung (rose), shin hoseok, shin jiho, woo jiho, yang hongseok, yeo changgu, yoo taeyang, yoo kihyun, zhang yixing
the hell nos
1d, a lot of models tbh, disney faces, chris evans, brad pitt, gigi hadid, justin bieber, the kardashians/jenners/kanye, kristen stewart, lea michele, taylor swift + that's all i can think of rn
the triggers
i won't write incest and against a face/character that's under 18. but anything else is fair game; the more triggery the better tbh.