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2/27 - you don't play guitar with your neck bro
legit incest, its gross no thank you
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males: synyster fucking gates, stephen james, nick bateman, matt shadows, channing tatum, jason momoa, beau bokan, Zacky vengeance, parker hurley, alex evans, jason padalecki, jensen ackles, andy biersack, tom hiddleston
females: alexis ren, leda muir, lights poxleitner, megan fox, jane dean, taylor mangan, ruby rose, Sara calixto, hannah hanski, jenna mcdougall, lynn gunn, ashley sky, andrea russett
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K-POP, celebrities like jay-z, beyonce, jbiebs, Taylor swift, one direction, little mix, nicki minaj, iggy axalea, bryden jenkins

please keep the cbox pg 13!