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 love me like you do., ana
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april 23 kinda back but not really. i'll be posting new requests and attempting to plot with more people. we'll see how i'll do but i just really missed this place!
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Nov 8 2016, 05:54 PM
they're beyond humanity, have existed past millennia and yet, she's still pathetically weak for him. delphine waits for him, at the balcony that overlooks her patron city. all she can do is wait. she can certainly do more. the goddess has responsibilities, matters to attend to. instead, she dotes. it feels like a lifetime has passed until the storm approaches, and the rose she holds in her hand withers. he's arrived.

she stands, taking a deep breath before she turns to greet him. "why is it that i'm always the one left behind?" she asks immediately.

ana quinn?!
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1/16 - i am very sorry for going AWOL but i am currently in the hospital and am very bored so please give me things,
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Nov 8 2016, 08:07 PM
being stuck in a human body had it's downsides but jonas was just happy that he was stuck with a somewhat attractive one. he was also ecstatic that delphine also got stuck with a gorgeous meatsuit. it made him feel slightly better with the circumstances they were left to face.

he's running late (as always) and he won't have an excuse when he finally reaches her. jonas could see the look of disappointment on her face and he might have felt a twinge of guilt but he quickly shrugged it off when he approached her. "not all the time. maybe like ... twenty five percent of the time, delphine. are you ready to go?" he asked, reaching for her hand.

alex tveit
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