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Dec 24 2016, 02:07 AM         Quote        
The news of her engagement had come as a blow to Charles. He had known. He had always know that one day the very circumstances of their lives would come between them, after all, they could not pretend that they did not exist from two different worlds. He was a lowly farmboy who hadt h privilege to have grown up with their family like his mother before him. She was born into the uppercrust of society, destined for greatness that he could never even dream of giving her. And still, despite everything, Charles had been content to pretend that everything was okay and that nothing could really come between them until of course the wedding preparations had begun in the household leaving him little time even see her. Moments between them had become fewer and farther between, leaving him cranky and unable to completely continue his work but he kept on, knowing that if he failed to perform his job, he might be cast out of the household, and what then?

Charles had arranged a meeting for them in a secluded corrner of her family's estate. It was a small glade, rarely explored by her family, but covered by many trees. He asked to meet her there that evening. He wasn't sure if she would even make it though, knowing it was quite a distance from the house, and not their usual meeting place but there had been more people on the property lately so he didn't want to risk getting caught. Whistling a tune, he sat on the ground and stared up at the moon, wondering if he crossed her mind as often as she did his.

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run, keely, run

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Jan 2 2017, 01:57 PM         Quote        
the news had been a shock to elodie. a most unwelcome shock at that. elodie had always known it was coming. she'd known since she was a child that one day her parents would choose a suitable and advantageous match for her. it didn't mean she was at all excited about it though. the man was eleven years her senior, greedy, unkind and he felt grimy. the few chaperoned meetings elodie had had with him had left her feelings dirty. his eyes had raked her body hungrily and it had taken everything in her not to bolt out of the room and away from it all. but elodie was too afraid to go against her parents, regardless of how nervous her fiancee made her and the fact her heart lied with someone else.

not that elodie had ever told charles as much.

still, she made sure to feign a slight cough in order to head to her rooms early and away from the festivities of her engagement. instead of heading to her room, however, elodie ducked out of the estate, heading to a secluded corner among the trees. her dress brushed along the grass as she made her way to the unusual meeting spot. once upon a time they'd been able to meet closer to the house but now with all of the people about, they had to get more creative. elodie smiled as she came upon charles, his back to her as he sat on the grass. coming up behind him, elodie knelt down, hands finding his shoulders and her lips finding his cheek. "i like this new spot," she told him thoughtfully as she came around to sit beside him, shoulder barely brushing his as she looked up at the stars.
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