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baby. i'm a hawkstar!
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fav pals
too many to really say
no thanks
justin bieber, there are others, just ask please.
please don't
hey there snowflakes
[dec. 1st] first off, i know i've been awol. for those of you who have me on discord or have seen me in the cbox, you know why. work has been totally messing around with my schedule in the last month and i just have not really had any motivation to post. i promise once i actually get a set schedule back i will be replying to everyone i owe to. i love you all <3

i don't reply to threads unless all of them are replied to/started first. this includes comms. please remember this before you think i've gone and abandoned plots.

i'd also like to point out that i do subscribe to the topics i'm tagged in, so if you'd like just tag me in the main post and when i get the alert i'll subscribe right away. <3

and the winner is



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