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age: twenty
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favorite facestaylor swift, milo ventimiglia, jon kortajarena, ali larter, karlie kloss, martha hunt, stella maxwell, carolinne prates, cher lloyd, caitlin stasey, zayn malik, jourdan dunn, stella maxwell, nadine leopold, deepika padukone, gal gadot, alycia debnam carey, harry styles, candice swanepoel, daniela braga, kassi smith, hyuna moon, mathilda bernmark, bryden jenkins, jessika sikosek, barbara palvin, rosie huntington, devery jacobs... idk i'm pretty chill but i prefer to use established characters for most of my stuff and like 80% of my characters use taylor as a face claim so if you have her banned i probably won't approach you. no go facesjustin bieber, kim kardashian, kanye west, kylie jenner, kendall jenner, bob morley, jessica lowndes, dove cameron, calvin harris, jeffrey dean morgan, katy perry, demi lovato, cindy kimberly, dua lipa & natalie dormer & most drag queens are my hard hard no's. i have a bunch (and by a bunch i mean seriously, a bunch) more banned faces listed in my crackship but i felt like if i put that here nobody would read it because it's seriously just that long. however, if your favorite is listed on my banned list there but not here, i may be able to be persuaded. if they're here though, they're a definite never in a million years. i don't want them within a fifteen mile radius of me. thanks! triggersi would prefer not to see or hear about pregnancy? children are fine. as long as they're already born and all that shit. i really don't care for domesticity or super fluffy romance bc i'm grey-aro and not totally comfortable with that stuff as a main plot point. if it happens it happens & i'll prob be fine, i just don't like it being the focus.
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