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taylor swift.
Notes from taylor
04/18 - life is just a giant shrug emoji right now tbh we'll see how things go

02/05 - hi, taylor looked straight at me and did a nose wrinkle. that's all.

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the faves
okay so to be completely honest with everyone, right now i'm kind of at a point where i only care to write taylor swift and possibly a few others. not that i'm not open to other things; if you approach me for plots and have ideas i'll consider it, but tbh if you dislike taylor or have her on your banned list you might want to like... not even consider looking at my requests.

a lot of the reason for this is that i don't want to make any new characters when i have so many deeply developed already existing ones. and my favorites out of those have taylor as the face claim.

however, other faces i have established characters for include jourdan dunn, harry styles, milo ventimiglia, carolinne prates, devery jacobs, zayn malik, hyuna moon, cher lloyd, karlie kloss, ruby rose and a few others (feel free to inquire). so if you're looking for other things those are probably the ones to suggest right now!!
the hell nos
idc tbh just ask me first. you'll be safer using someone on my crackship & it might be sort of difficult to talk me into certain faces but other than that it's whatever. just ask me first. I don't wanna scare people away by the faces I say I don't like. basically if you're a fairly nice respectful tactful person it'll probably be fine!

sidenote tho, if you dislike taylor swift I'm probably not your ideal partner, just a warning. just in case that wasn't obvious from the username and graphics. ❤️
the triggers
pregnancy, cunnilingus, anything too domestic / fluffy. may make exceptions on all of the above if i'm fully comfortable with you. however, i will not do anything involving fifty shades of grey.