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 [m/tw]touch me softly, -polycest family plotter
10.5 - long time no see!! trying to slip back into the swing of things. it's been a long time since i've been here and i need some fresh new thingies. love me!! :D
ben declan maxwell

ben maxwell is a jack of all trades. he's made his millions by making others stars. but he is a very private man. he likes keeping his home life and his work life in two totally different realms for obvious reasons. ben is a strong man, who knows what he wants and how he wants it. he tends to be softer with his family, but don't underestimate him. he's pansexual, and has a pretty insatiable appetite. he can usually be found in his den working or in one of the compounds many bedrooms.
patriarch & media mogul & michael fassbender & 48

parker jamison maxwell

parker was born deaf, but he's never once let it slow him down. he is slightly more dependent on others that one would expect, but not really. his lack of hearing has never hindered him. if anything he feels like his deafness has accentuated his life, because he sees things more for what they are. he is bisexual, but leans more towards men.
son & deaf & nyle dimarco & 27

marley fauna maxwell

marley is my little spitfire. she's sarcastic and bitchy, but she's also a big softie and a sweetheart too. she makes her own money by being a youtuber. she's impatient and easily bored which is why her hair changes so much. she doesn't like clothes much so will take any and all opportunities to get rid of them. she's bisexual and tends to lean more towards females, but will sleep with pretty much anyone.
daughter & youtuber & mykie & 25

aubrie grace maxwell

aubrie is my little ball of sunshine. loving and compassionate, a total animal lover. she absolutely adores her family and couldn't see herself in any other kind of life. she totally wants a family like this of her own, and would prefer to start it with one of her brothers. she is completely submissive to the men in her family and most of the women as well. she's just a butterflies and rainbows kinda girl. she's bisexual but tends to lean more towards men.
daughter & loving & alexis ren & 22

phoenix holland maxwell

phoenix is my little sex pot. she is a flirtatious little thing who will do just about anything to please her family. she's giving and attentive, but she expects the same in return, ya kno ya kno... she's an incredible dancer, she spends all of her free time in the family studio. she's pansexual and will sleep with anyone. in fact she rarely sleeps in her own bed.
daughter & dancer & hailee steinfeld & 19

aiysha kae maxwell

daughter & twin & halsey & 23

alissa cadence bishop

outsider & college student & hailey baldwin & 20
pronouns she/her
age 25
timezone est
posts 885 posts
points 14005 points
status Offline
nov 27 i'm back at work now so replies might be a little hit and miss during the week. weekends are my major spam days. also my emotional wellbeing is a bit iffy right now too so pls don't pester me about replies. i promise i will get to them!
bronte rae maxwell

bronte is your typical sass queen. she's heavily free spirited and pretty much sarcasm is her favourite. she's an artist and very much into makeup and tattoos. she's been tattooing since she was eighteen and works in a local shop. she plans to have her own shop one day. bronte is very sexual and flirtatious and into both genders. she can be pretty touchy feely tbh. bronte is outspoken and also impulsive. to sum her up she is a girl who runs her life by her own rules.
tattoo/makeup artist & hannah snowdon & 24

ellie louise rayner

this little young blondie is ben's newest girlfriend. she is pretty adorable but also a little overwhelmed by the huge family she has now become involved with. she kind of loves it though because she has always been a bit of a spare part elsewhere. she works as a photographer and is pretty artsy tbh. ellie is keen on exploring this new part in her life and very much adores ben. she is just kind of this lovable, excitable little thing really. she is bisexual and isn't really too shy in terms of exploring her sexuality. idk. what's not to love about this little blonde ball of fluff?
girlfriend & photographer & lily-rose depp & 22
pronouns she / her
age 25
timezone gmt
posts 8479 posts
points 237300 points
status Offline
sophie anne maxwell

sophie is, quite bluntly, a little devil. she loves getting into trouble, and teasing people she shouldn't, at the most inopportune ( for them ) times. she's a typical wildchild, loves getting a rise out of people and being the life of any parties --- and as a rising actress, she indulges in the lime - light and all of the dark delights that come with it, all the while maintaining a close relationship with her family, in more ways than one. she is particularly close to her brother ( adam driver ), who would be the closest thing to a 'normal' boyfriend she has, though nothing about their situation is normal by any means.
daughter & actress & imogen poots & 20

adam dehane maxwell

adam is a total sweetheart, and a proud geek. he loves all things music and video games, and it's not uncommon for him to be up all hours of the night hooked on some fps for another. occasionally he streams he games and has a small, but dedicated following. a bit goofy and awkward, but with a big heart, there is nothing more important to him than his family, despite how...different it is. he loves having a big family, despite the chaos that can naturally arise, and tries to act as a bit of a mediator when things go wrong, because he hates seeing family members genuinely upset with one another.
son & gamer & andrew garfield & 27

pronouns they / them
age 20
timezone EST
posts 43 posts
points 2805 points
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december 2nd // i finished my first full week back at work after a long break and it was crazy. i'm so sorry that i haven't been able to post much, but will hopefully get caught up on everything this weekend. also, i probably won't be posting a lot on monday's and wednesday's since those are my long days. as always, i'm looking for all the hockey faces, so if you use one/let me use one i will love you forever.
so first off, we have mister grady holmes, who is the first boyfriend. he's been around for about three years now. at first, he was kind of scared about dating ben/being a part of the family because he's never been a part of something like this and he had no idea what to expect, seeing as how he was an outsider. but now he absolutely adores the family and he would do just about anything for them. he tends to be a mother hen and worries about everyone, wanting to make sure that they have everything that they need. he's an artist and he often uses the family as his muse for whatever project he happens to be working on at the moment.
boyfriend & artist & nico tortorella & 29

this beautiful lady here is layla maxwell, and she's one of the youngest maxwell children, which she uses to her advantage. she likes to think that she's a princess and that her family should treat her like one. she does come off as spoiled and a little bitchy, but she's actually a total sweetheart who loves her family so much. she's also a giant cuddle whore and will do anything to get someone to cuddle with her. and if cuddling leads to sex, well, that's just an added bonus, isn't it?
daughter & cindy kimberly & 18

next we have bennett maxwell, another one of the maxwell children. when bennett was younger, he used to have dreams of leaving his family behind. of escaping and having a normal life. he's even tried to leave a couple of times, but he's always been pulled right back. he loves his family, but he's always wanted more for himself. he comes off as a dick and standoffish, but there isn't anything he wouldn't do for his family. if someone so much as looks at one of his family members the wrong way, he's there to take care of them, thanks to the fact that he's a boxer. he prefers to use his hands over his words. anything to do with feelings makes him nervous.
son & boxer & matthew daddario & 26

finally, we have this gorgeous gal, cora maxwell. cora is one of the sweetest people that you will ever meet. she works as a nurse and loves taking care of people, especially if those people are her family. she tends to be more shy and quiet. she'd much rather sit back and watch what was going on around her. she likes to see other people happy and will do anything to make sure that they are happy.
daughter & nurse & selena gomez & 23
pronouns she/her
age 23
timezone eastern
posts 4228 posts
points 164255 points
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nov 27 i'm back at work now so replies might be a little hit and miss during the week. weekends are my major spam days. also my emotional wellbeing is a bit iffy right now too so pls don't pester me about replies. i promise i will get to them!
vitani shiloh maxwell

basically her mom loved the lion king and decided to name her vitani for that reason. she loves it tho and it kind of sums her up really. she's stubborn, strong-willed and constantly changes her mind about things. one minute she'll have blonde hair the next it's pink. she's also pretty much a tomboy and prefers hanging out with her brothers as opposed to her sisters; although her twin is her absolute best friend. she's a tough cookie and very much was the kind to play fight with her siblings when she was little. she's confident, flirtatious and lively af. vitani is into both males and females and she also smokes and drinks too much. vitani is pretty famous as on instagram and is a youtuber. like she vlogs 99.9% of the time. she also enjoys exploring things outside of the family unit and is a curious little thing.
instagram/youtuber & halsey & 23
pronouns she / her
age 25
timezone gmt
posts 8479 posts
points 237300 points
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12/03 hey everyone. I haven't forgot our things someone from home passed away and i'm just trying to figure out how to deal with it. Whenever i need an escape expect posts but for now I'm just needing so time to myself. So posts will be slow. Thanks for understanding. 💙💙
brody ryker maxwell

You've probably seen brody face on tv. He's been label as hollywoods playboy by his record of girls he has deflowered. He got into the acting industry late because of the fear of the spotlight finding out about his family secret. His first acting job was at nineteen and from there his career grew. Like his father he keeps his work life and home life private from the public. If he isn't filming he is spending time with his family at home. Brody is pansexual but prefers the company of females, he's a bit agressive in bed but he'd never hurt his siblings. The title douchebag is an understatement for a nickname for him but his family gets to see a softer side of him. (Well some of them)
son & playboy & dylan o'brien & 26

Ashton isaac maxwell

Ashton is a sweetheart. He loves being a big brother to all of his siblings, he's been known to be very protective of them and would do anything. He's a bit of goofball and loves seeing people smile. At a young age he was very caring, always wanting to help and make a difference. Ashton became a vet because of his love for animals and helping them. He owns a black lab named bullet who is his baby. When it comes to his family secret he's very supportive of everyone beliefs but wants to settle down and find a meaningful relationship. He is heterosexual, he has been with one brother but the vibe wasnt there.
son & vet & chris wood & 29

Oliver allen maxwell

Oliver has always thrown himself into work. He has to need to be doing something at all time and if he isnt working then he is at the gym or spending time with one of his favorite sisters. Until some of his siblings he doesn't sleep around with everyone. He has one person and keeps it to that. It doesn't bother him if they sleep with someone else its just not for him. He has a love for outdoors and extreme sports, he's been know to be a bit reckless and has probably has broken more bones then he could count. He is heterosexual and has his eyes set on someone.
son & construction worker & dacre montgomery & 22

Sebastian micah wolfe

Sebastian who goes bas or seb is an outsider from the family. He's had a love for making music off his computer which is how he gotten into dj. It was a hard career field when you have a lot of competition and everyone is looking to come out on top. His parents aren't supportive of his choice when they wanted him to go to college and follow in his father footsteps in becoming a lawyer. The problem with that job was that it was to boring and he wasnt his father. On the side he works at fitness club as a personal trainer since he doesn't always have a gig at a club and he still has bills to pay. I haven't figured out a way how he ties into the family but he is quite charming and flirts with everyone. He is bisexual and is a switch depending on his other partner.
outsider & charming dj & cody christian & 21

Gavin daniel maxwell

Gavin here is very reserve and keeps to himself. He always been a sky kid even with his own siblings. He use to spend a lot of time in his room until he found a love for music. In a way its his escape of reality. He started out with singing in the shower like any other kid, then learn the guitar and now has been song writing. He's very private with his stuff because he's afraid he isnt good. Gavin is also a twin who is the completely opposite of him. Gavin is secretly bicurious because he so shy he hasn't actually been with anyone male or female but he is attracted to both of them.
son & music artist & kj apa & 24
pronouns He,him,his
age 22
posts 3743 posts
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i'm a single mom who works full time guys - bare with me! i promise i am going to reply to everything! ********************************************************************

( update dec 10 )

hey everyone - i am working on the replies i owe - i'm also working on updating my tracker so if you don't see something somewhere on there let me know. i'm not dropping anything just forgetful. <3

chloe maxwell
22 coutney eaton daughter college student

#goofy# free spirit#sweetheart# innocent

  • this beautiful little one is chloe maxwell, and she is an absolute ball of sunshine. she loves making people laugh and enjoying herself. she doesn't believe in denying herself from anything and may be a little spoiled. she loves her big crazy family and all that they do.
  • she is currently studying marketing and communications at the local college. she wants to get into pr and just be someone who always has someone's back like her family does for her. she is a complete sweetheart but she won't let people walk all over her either.
  • she is a little kitten who loves her family and she does bound from person to person - she is heterosexual so it's only the guys. though one of them may have caught her eye and is extremely special to her.

  • carson maxwell
    19 cody santignue son lacrosse player

    #focused# loving#protective# hard working

  • this handsome devil is carson maxwell, and he happens to be going to school but his main focus is lacrosse. he has always had a natural talent for the sport and was scouted by the college to play on a full scholarship.
  • he is the epitome of hard work and focus. most of carson's time spent is in the backyard focusing on the game and trying to perfect his. he isn't the brightest when it comes to his school work, but he loves the game and the school is known for having a great team so most of his teachers are very lenient.
  • carson is heterosexual - her likes the girls and can be a bit of a player. he's a little cocky knowing that he is the best lacrosse player - in his own opinion - but it doesn't hurt that he has those curls that make girls swoon. love him down.

  • lakelin maxwell
    21 billie lourd daughter bartender

    #sexual# selfish#free spirited#

  • dahlia maxwell
    30 gal gadotwife chef

    #sexual# maternal#bicurious# wild child

  • maity
    pronouns she/her
    age 28
    timezone eastern
    posts 1646 posts
    points 39950 points
    status Offline
    Hi everyone! I'm in nursing school and working 2 jobs so please be patient with me. I will get posts done as soon as I can and if you think I've forgotten for whatever reason, don't hesitate to pm me (:
    lexie maxwell
    21 daughter law student

    #bicurious#quiet#smart #virgin#curious #tease

    say hello to lexie. she's on the younger side when it comes to the maxwell family. lexie loves her family and would of course do anything for them. she's a law student and has spent a lot of her time at school and studying, but right now she's starting to need more than just school and the work that comes along with it.

    she's a tease and will flirt with everyone even though she is very quiet and sometimes even shy. brace yourselves for the shocker haha, she's a virgin in every way and has not done anything sexual save kissing. i know it's crazy. so of course she trusts her family above all to take care of this situation now that she's focusing on living her life and not just hanging out and working on school stuff. she will be sex crazed once she is introduced to all the fun so be prepared! lexie is of course open to everything and willing to try it at least once. how she has managed to avoid all sexual contact in the family, i have no idea lmao, but things are about to change. i'm open to all things so let me know (:

    pronouns she/her
    age 25
    timezone cst
    posts 52 posts
    points 2420 points
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    potentially back again after a prolonged absence
    rowena maxwell

    Rowena, best known as Ro, here is currently a student finishing up her degree in creative writing and journalism, wanting to be an author, or perhaps a journalist, or editor, or something. She's not too sure at the moment and there's always grad school to figure it out. She's bisexual, enjoys both male and female partners, and very much is a snuggly person, open for new things and experimenting, because why not. Big dream is to go exploring all around the world and capture it all, record it some how, and explore.
    daughter & student & sophie turner & 21
    pronouns she + her
    age 27
    timezone est
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