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 fly me to the moon, big ol’ list of fandoms
my fandoms
I know i’m trash but i’ve been wanting fandoms for a while. I am not picky whether I play the male or female role just as long as i’m not stuck with all the males, I do love flip flopping! i’m looking for mxf since that’s what i have mostly listed but if you have a good plot for fxf then throw it my way and i’ll consider it. I would like if these could either be comm or rapid fire threads. my favorite ships are labeled with *** by them. can’t wait to plot and thread with you!
one tree hill

  • haley x lucas
  • haley x nathan
  • peyton lucas
  • peyton x jake
  • brooke x julian***
  • brooke x lucas
  • brooke x nathan
  • rachel x nathan
  • rachel x mouth
  • quinn x clay***
gossip girl

  • blair x chuck***
  • blair x dan
  • blair x nate
  • serena x nate***
  • serena x dan***
  • serena x chuck
  • jenny x chuck
  • jenny x nate

note: I know I have an fxf couple on here but she and cheryl are actually one of my favorites and a ship i’d be willing to try out. also, I will love you forever if you give me a jughead and betty ship where i’m playing betty.

  • betty x jughead***
  • betty x archie
  • veronica x jughead
  • veronica x archie***
  • toni x cheryl
  • toni x jughead
13 reasons whyr

note: I know there’s some relationships I most likely forgot so if there’s any not mentioned from 13 reasons then please suggest away!

  • jessica x justin***
  • jessica x alex***
  • hannah x clay
  • hannah x zach***
  • hannah x justin
the royals

  • eleanor x jasper***
  • robert x wilhelmina
  • liam ox ophelia***
  • liam x kathryn***
  • liam x wilhelmina
harry potter (all 3 eras)

  • lily x severus
  • lily x james
  • bellatrix x roldolphus
  • bellatrix x lucius
  • bellatrix x tom riddle
  • andromeda x ted tonks
  • narcissa x lucius
  • narcissa x severus

  • hermione x harry
  • hermione x ron
  • hermione x draco***
  • ginny x harry
  • ginny x draco
  • cho x harry
  • cho x cedric
  • pansy x draco
  • astoria x draco***

  • lily x scorpius
  • lily x oc
  • rose x scorpius***
  • rose x oc
  • james x oc
6/13 - I took a small hiatus due to some underlining health issues but i’m back and ready to jump in, I just ask for patience since i’m slowly working my way back in. I look forward to rping with you all again.
ask first
please no: sexual abuse
28 • she/her • cst
takes a breath. obviously we dont have to do all of these but ya know

i can play any sides in any of these
peyton lucas
brooke x julian
brooke x lucas
quinn x clay

my blair x your chuck
your serena x my nate
your serena x my dan
my jenny x your chuck

betty x archie
my veronica x your jughead
veronica x archie***
toni x cheryl
my toni x your jughead
give me riverdale or degrassi the next generation please
please no: none
28 • her • eastern
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