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 i am bulletproof, hawk's crack :D
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Oct 26 2016, 04:50 AM
ok are you ready for this because oh boy have i got a plot for u.

my luke hemmings x your zoe sugg
(or maybe even andrew taggart x halsey if ur not feelings that one beCAUSE LOOK AT MY AVATAR)

luke and zoe originally met in high school through mutual friends, but were never really close because not long after they met, luke had a falling out with said friends and sort of just went his own way. they got along well enough, so fast forward four years when the two find themselves meeting again because luke has been hired as a summer temp where zoe works, they hit it off and become good friends at work. whenever they worked together they would always joke around with one another and poke fun at each other because both of them had a crush on the other but weren't willing to admit it -- because zoe's got a boyfriend and luke's got a girlfriend that lives like 1000 miles away (yay for online relationships???). and even though there's some wickedly obvious chemistry there, neither of them are willing to own up to it because they don't think the other has any interest in them.

end of the summer rolls around, and luke peaces out for a new job he's just been offered and they lose touch again. it isn't until almost two years later that they run into each other again when luke finally reconnects with those old friends from high school (one of whom zoe now lives with because she and her boyfriend broke up ages ago and she's now dating this new guy and luke is hopelessly single because when he broke up with his most recent ex he decided sleeping with all of her friends to ruin friendships was a grand idea and now he's got a bit of a reputation around town) and they all meet up for a karaoke contest because some of their friends like to sing. as the night progresses and they both get more liquor in their system, they hit it off again, and are shamelessly flirting with each other all night. karaoke contest ends, their friends decide they want to go to the bar, and luke and zoe spend the entirety of the night basically fucking on the dance floor.

and even though they know they shouldn't, they start messing around behind everyone's backs, because they don't want their friends to look down on zoe for cheating on yet another her boyfriend, but it's been going on for weeks now and luke is pretty sure he's in love with her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her and there's so much tension because luke hates when zoe chooses to spend time with her boyfriend over him (even if it is just to keep up appearances). but he's also getting pissed off because it's okay for him to not be able to have her to himself, but the second he starts to talk to another girl zoe loses her shit on him and it's basically this giant heap of a mess and neither of them wants to break things off because they're kind of in love with each other, but zoe won't break up with her boyfriend because luke has straight up told her that she needs to prove to him she'll be faithful before he'll ever date her and she refuses to let herself be single.

i have more ideas for this for later on in their ~relationship~ but i want to wait and discuss it all with you later if you're interested in it because it's all up for changing and whatnot, this is just the starter history for a pairing that's been stuck in my head for weeks and i need it lmao
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