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 make things so complicated ☓, classic love triangle


analese     22 years old     she/her
analesexoxo (skype)
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Dec 26 2016, 01:20 AM         Quote        
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「 love triangle 」

hello pals, i really like drama and love triangles so i would like to request this pls. and i really hope it hurts us all because that's what we're here for. basically, the idea is very simple - i'm hoping to beef it up w/ the two other people. idea is, boy has been very close with and best friends with girl1 for a really long time. they've done ~stuff but she's always claimed that she's not ready for commitment/she's never wanted anything more with boy. but then guess what, boy gets himself a girlfriend - girl2. and tbh, he's head over heels for her. but girl1 is beginning to feel like she's made a mistake/cue jealousy and voila, love triangle (sort of). i'm just looking for people to play the two girls, essentially. i'm so open w/ faces but i was thinking they'd be mid/late-twenties!!! pls holla if you're interested, let's bounce ideas off one another etc
hello i here
TRIGGERS     will write this in as i come across them ~
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andrea     27 years old     she/her
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Jan 8 2017, 09:56 PM         Quote        
who're you thinking of using for the guy?

i'll take the girlfriend if you're still looking for this?? maybe with iskra lawrence?
tbh i've been shit so i'm gonna send out some pms and see what's what
TRIGGERS     no addiction plots. Anything super triggery I like to plot out. Don't romanticize domestic violence, don't try to make direct incest "sexy" - not into it.
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channy     20ish years old     she/her
pm or discord: channy#6343
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Jan 8 2017, 10:00 PM         Quote        

i can take girl 1, and i'm thinking kelly gale?
[aug. 7] : keeping it simple and sticking with the people i have plots with. i don't want to overwhelm myself, but if you want something, just throw me a message.
TRIGGERS     nothing tbh (except detailed rape).
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please keep the cbox pg 13!