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hello, stranger! i'm maeve--perpetually tired, usually snacking, but always friendly and looking to write with new people!

<p>as for faces and plot specifics...i'm quite versatile. i'm the most familiar with kpop fcs cause i've been on the kpop rp side of tumblr for a while but that doesn't mean it's the only thing i do! if you have a preference towards the western side of rp, fear not! just direct me towards your 'wanted opposites' list and i'm sure we can work something out.
vore and....that's basically it, tbh
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i'm fond and comfortable with a mix of kpop/western fcs!<p>
<b>kpop fcs:</b> lee jongsuk, nam joohyuk, seo kangjoon, yoo ah in, <b>jeon jungkook, min yoongi, kim taehyung</b>, ahn heeyeon, <b>lalisa manoban</b>, krystal jung, luna, <b>mark tuan, kim yugyeom</b>, jung wheein, park kyungri, kang seulgi, joy (rv), kim yeri, <b>kim chungha</b>, jung chaeyeon, zhou jieqiong, kim sejeong, kim mingyu, lee seokmin, yoon jeonghan, <b>hirai momo, im nayeon</b>, chou tzuyu, myoui mina, bang eunji, im jinah
<b>western fcs:</b> ryan maccartan, <b>taron egerton</b>, logan lerman, john francis daley, lucky blue smith, luke pasqualino, francisco lachowski, william mosely, eddie redmayne, aaron tveit, nicholas hoult, song joongki, kihong lee, theo james, chris evans, joseph gordon-levitt, zoe kravitz, adelaide kane, malese jow, emilia clarke, natalie dormer, arden cho
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HONESTLY? i can't think of any off the top of my head but if i do you betcha i'll add it here!

please keep the cbox pg 13!