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 disney personified pop-up, interest check
9/5 School has started up again. Replies will be sporadic but they're coming.
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So I jumped into a Staff Search and tumblr buzz site without really considering if other people think my idea is as brilliant as I think it is. So that's what I'm doing... back tracking... and also shamelessly spreading the word all over the 'D.

Continue Reading If...
- You love Disney
- You don't love it enough to make it your "home" but you always find yourself tempted by the new, shiny personified site that just opens up

From what I can tell, all those gorgeous jcink Disney sites tend to burn hot, and then burn out within the year. There are revamps and 2.0's and sometimes they do better than the first, but usually they don't stick around. The ones that tend toward a loyal following are the Academy plots, and as cute as I think those are, they really are not my cup of tea.

My idea is rather than trying to fight the interest bursts, try to work with them, even manipulate them a little to the site's advantage. My plan is to have "pop up sites" all under a general brand name "A Far Away Land". The idea for a pop up rpg site is the same idea as a restaurant. A lot of prep-work is done behind the scenes, and then they're there, awesome, busy, high-functioning, lots of interest, the last course is served, and then it's time to wrap things up and wait for the next appearance.

During "peak periods" or whenever the staff (aka me) have extra free time, the site appears for a specified period - let's say 4 months. During that time, people are plotting, posting, and Main Plot similar to a typical site event is resolving itself. After the time period is up, the staff are no longer on duty. Those with character accounts will have access to specific forums in order to keep threading if they so desire, but for all intents and purposes, the site is closed. Then, after a rest period - I'm estimating 6 months - a new site appears.

What do you think? Do you foresee any major issues that I'm overlooking in my daydream? Pros that I forgot to mention?

The first site I'm currently working on (and searching for staffers, link in the sig) is set on the fictional island of Calista. Its location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea (one day I'll be able to spell that without looking) gives the locals a unique diversity and culture all to its own. After thousands of years of foreign rule, occupation, and colonization, Calista is celebrating its 75th year of independence and self-rule.

Also this year is coming of age ceremony of the Crown Prince and Princess. A week of balls will be held, and it is considered customary for the future monarch to announce their engagement the last night. However, there is social unrest and a political plot lurking behind the scenes... I'm not quite sure what yet. I'm terrible at creating conflict.

I'm still deciding whether or not to make this a historical site with a retro feel and throw back to Princess Grace by setting it in the late fifties or early sixties. I think I've decided on modern, but only because I don't think the interest for a 1960 Disney Personified Site is there. (I think I just like the clothes and want picspam all over the place... obviously not a real priority.)

I'm also debating whether or not to bring in a magic aspect. The sites with a supernatural aspect always seem to be doing really well, but I don't want to complicate matters too much. There are a lot of different features when it comes to powers and abilities, and my fear here is that if I specifically add this element into the plot then something will get clogged in the works and the plot will never move forward - which obviously isn't good for a site based solely on the idea that time is of the essence. I was considering making a vague rule that "if your character canonically possesses magic, then you may make a request to use that magic here, but the staff reserves the right to deny permission," to cater to the Fairy Godmothers and Ursulas who may have great ideas for their characters, but keeping a lid on the power-players who just want their character to be god.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns?





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