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 Stranger Than Fiction ❀ an animanga fantasy rp

STF Xubo

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Stranger Than Fiction is an animanga superpowers roleplay that is set in a fictional city called the "City of Kings". It houses three exclusive academies that accept students with supernatural abilities. It is a diverse city that reflects the bizarre nature of its inhabitants with landmarks; the mountains that never stop snowing; the forest that is home to prowling beasts; the ocean that lures in sailors with haunting tunes; and finally, the depths of the labyrinth with monsters that surpass your worst nightmares.

Teenagers and civilians appear in City of Kings in search of their own destinies. Each individual feeds into the allure of the city, and many of them go on to become world-famous scholars, idols, businessmen, and even nefarious kingpins. Regardless of who you are, there's a place for you here.

gigi manoban.

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