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 [ dance the hippogriff ✧ ], trio era.
just as a general reminder i drop communication threads after two weeks with no reply and threads after one month with no reply.

[ november 11th ] ∙ dropped a few things and i'm working on catching up! not taking on any new things as of now unless i seek it out or we started to talk about it before the 11th.

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「 trio era ships 」

so i really want some trio era ships??? that is really the only era i do so sorry!!! anyway, let's start this by clearing a few things up. let me introduce myself as being picky af. i try not to be rude about it, but sometimes i have to get a little stern. so right out of the gate as of now i'm only taking mxf plots and with that being said i'd rather go with the i take a guy if you take one. ideally these would be rapid fire threads since comms are kind of out of the picture. triggers i don't wanna play out abuse or rape, but if they are mentioned in a past tense way that is fine. i am cool with smut as long as you are 18+. so that is all i can think of right now~! i won't play against katie bell, i'm very protective of her and i'll always want to play her.

i would be down to pair any ocs with the below people. if you wanna suggest other canons feel free too as well. i'm just not down for draco x hermione or draco x ginny. face claims don't bother me much but do have people i generally use in my crack ship. i also haven't read the cursed child yet!!! anything with a ♡ next to it is who i want to play. also, feel free to suggest people because my list is so so so so short.

draco malfoy ♡ x astoria greengrass
fred weasley x alicia spinnet
fred weasley x katie bell ♡
harry potter x ginny weasley
george weasley x alicia spinnet
george weasley x angelina johnson
george weasley x katie bell ♡
neville longbottom x hannah abbott
oliver wood x katie bell ♡
ron weasley x hermione granger
ron weasley x lavender brown
seamus finnigan x alicia spinnet
seamus finnigan x katie bell ♡
seamus finnigan x lavender brown
viktor krum ♡ x hermione granger

「 dats it 」



trio era


andy partridge in a pear tree
12/2: looking to revive old plots and maybe pick up some new ones! if we had a plot that you want to continue, hmu on telegram or discord 💕
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my oliver to your katie; they were close friends during school, nothing too flirty mostly on account of the age difference (and on account of oliver never being the relationship kind of person because of how much he devoted himself to quidditch, cue the student athlete memes). they keep in touch after he graduates because of the war, maybe they both join the order around the same time or they're both trying to do professional quidditch while realizing the world as they know it is crumbling to pieces all around them and they have to do something? we could do things leading up to the battle for hogwarts so there's that desperate end-of-the-world-so-we-might-as-well feeling and maybe it's a little unhealthy and codependent and maybe it's not made to last (or maybe it is) but it's good and they have banter and funny memories of better times and they've been close friends forever and it's just, yanno, what they need. add/edit/delete anything! was thinking about using sam way or jacob artist or theo james, if you like either of those?



peter + tony


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