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 still into you., plot dump
don't post here. some plots were taken from tumblr.

+ muse a and muse b are in a long distance relationship and lately, their interactions have consisted of hours crying on skype and passive aggressive text messages.

+ the relationship between muse a, a wholesome disney actor, and muse b, a porn star, is revealed when their sex tape leaks.

+ a newly divorced couple keep running into each other, thanks to mutual connections.

+ muse a and muse b are in broadway shows next to one another and they keep leaving each other gifts by their respective stage doors.

+ two contestants on the bachelor fall in love with each other.

+ enemies to friends to lovers.

+ muse a is in desperate need of money and becomes a sugar baby.

+ on the way to a job interview, muse a tells off muse b after they were being rude to the barista. turns out, muse b is the interviewer.

+ muse a is dragged to an art museum and ends up returning everyday afterwards when he notices muse b sitting and sketching.

+ muse a is the captain of the swimming team and is constantly trying to impress muse b, the lifeguard. muse b is not impressed.

+ two rival skaters become rink-mates.

+ a former champion and now has-been comes out of retirement to compete as a pair skater.

+ two lovers are separated during wwii and reunite years after the war is over.

+ muse a and muse b are two students in hogwarts, literally just going about their lives while the golden trio are being a nuisance.

+ muse a is a political activist and muse b is a graffiti artist who immortalizes their words.

+ muse a is royalty and is betrothed to muse b, who is secretly a member of an anti-royalist group.

+muse a accidentally took a love potion and runs into muse b, their crush who they have secretly pretended to hate for years.

+ "our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore” au

+ you complain really loudly to your friend in a foreign language and i can hear you mention my name sometimes but idk how to tell you i can understand everything au

+ muse a is studying abroad and meets muse b, the crown prince/princess of the country they are in.

+ “i made a bet with a group of friends that i can win you over but you’re playing hard to get without even trying but it’s not going to stop me. and wow the more i get to know you, you aren’t as bad as i thought” au.

+ muse a is left at the altar so they decide to go on the honeymoon anyway and takes their best friend, muse b, with them.

+ a “i’m getting married next week to a girl i’m not even sure i love but hey at least my brother is throwing a kick ass bachelor party for me!!!! this stripper giving me a lapdance right now kinda looks a lot like my high school sweetheart that i havent seen in years — holy shit wait its her” plot !!!!!1!

+ i just decked you in the face because i’m drunk and you were pissing me off but ow my hand really fucking hurts i think i might have broke it and oh look your nose is bleeding and now we’re both sitting awkwardly in the hospital while i glare at you from across the room. but wait are you giving me sex eyes?? stop that i’m supposed to mad at you??

+ muse a, a frat boy, tries to woo muse b, not interested.

+ you asked me to the store with you and your child, and now my distant relative we met thinks im married with a baby

+ you’re a camp counselor and your kids dare you to kiss the other counselor you have a crush on AU

+ “we’re exes who ended on kind of shitty terms but are trying to ‘stay friends’ anyway, and we occasionally sabotage each other’s dates, get drunk and fuck, scream and fight until four in the morning and still refuse to acknowledge maybe we’re not quite as over each other as we like to think we are.” au

+ im an intern at the rolling stone and you’re the problematic asshole pop star who i have to interview one on one because nobody else wanted to do it and /fuck/ are you always this difficult (or alternatively the one where the problematic asshole pop star finds the intern to be much more interesting than the interview itself)

+ “you’re my enemy’s younger/older sibling and at first I was only hooking up with you to get back at them but now I actually, really like you and the fact that this pisses your sibling off is an added bonus” au

+ “we’re best friends but one drunk night we ended sleeping together but we chose to ignore it, and then i went away to college and i havent seen you in a while but wow wtf…you have a kid. and wtf it looks like me.” au

+ muse a and muse b used to date before muse a lost their memory after an accident. they meet months later, and muse a has no recollection of muse b.

+ muse a is a volunteer for a political campaign and muse b is the annoying child of the candidate.

+ muse a and muse b make a bet to see who can sleep with more people and end up playing themselves after they fall for one another and get jealous.

may 18 thank you for being patient with me!! i still have a few assignments to finish but after the next two weeks, it'll be back to regular posting.
please no: played out non-con, incest, animal abuse
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