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 ROAM WHERE YOU WANT TO, ally in my head / isla

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Isla can see the wheels turning behind his eyes and between his ears as he tries to process whether or not she meant what she said. Sometimes she had a way with accidentally hurting his feelings because he took her words seriously when they were intended to be interpreted sarcastically. It was a learning process, one in which he needed to pick up on her varying tones and where she needed to work a little harder to say things more directly. Obviously now wasn't the time for that though, so she was grateful when he didn't think on it for too long and kissed her instead. Isla wrapped her arms loosely around his neck, her fingers playing with the ends of his hair until his mouth wanders from hers. Her head rolls to the side, exposing more of her neck to him. She knows he's always a little hesitant to get too rough with her (which she's actually learning to enjoy more than she used to) so she makes a small noise of appreciation when his teeth graze her skin. "I'll be fine. You're the one I'm worried about getting too tired." Isla smiled feverishly at him, pushing her fingers through his hair again because she liked the feeling of it.

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please keep the cbox pg 13!