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give me everything! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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    ❅   Quote   ❅     ❅     ❅   Jan 13 2018, 02:16 AM
alrighty - i highkey need poly plots. mostly looking for 3 person plots with 3 players, or 4 person plots where we each play 2. i'm just going to jump into faces (i'm pretty picky w dudes, but pretty open-minded with ladies) and plots. i'm down for all mxm, mxmxfxf, all fxf, mxmxf equally down 2 play the lady or dudes in the third set, but don't bombard me with these just to play girls, lol; * all partners have to be romantically involved in these (except for if we're at the beginning of a plot where they aren't yet/some aren't yet); these plots are not going to be smut-driven even though we can include smut.

* fav
play against only
play as only
* max minghella, bob morley, xavier serrano, kit harington, * tyler posey, * jack falahee, * zayn malik, matt daddario, * dylan o'brien (scruffy lols), brandon perea, avan jogia, * adam driver, jamie bell, jamie dornan, tom hardy, milo ventimiglia, idris elba, diego barrueco, marlon teixeira, * luke pasqualino, shiloh fernandez, jesse lee soffer, tyler hoechlin, (also, feel free to ask but pls don't be offended if i'm not down)

* saoirse ronan, kiersey clemons, antonia thomas, * josefine frida pettersen, lydia graham, * maggie duran, ashley moore (unless mxmxfxf, brie larson, * lily collins, selena gomez, rooney mara, crystal reed, * jessica chastain, * hayley bennett, jamie chung, kiko mizuhara, cara delevigne, * january jones, ariana grande, margot robbie, camila cabello, barbara palvin, lili reinhart, cintia dicker, hayley kiyoko (this is really not comprehensive, please suggest)

feel free to look at my linked reqs below for plots that are more fleshed out, make any of them poly

poly exes reuniting (re: much later or after semi-recent a big falling out), having a baby / pregnancy / surrogacy / adoption (alternate: one of them wants a baby, or one of them does not, etc), all things very angsty, bdsm dynamics (trying 2 explore them outside of the bedroom), fantasy (re: vamps, werewolves, witches, any combo)(a/b/o wolves), best friends, couple taking a lover, two couples, one Beacon Of Poly Light bringing all the babes to the yard, cop stuff, professionals of any kind stuff, cop x lawyer x bae, dark stuff, (tw) step-cest/adopt-cest, online relationship (or catfish), poly flooof, polar opposites/different tropes or stereotypes, soulmates, two sugar babies, (tw) mail-order bby, in a support group together, experienced a trauma together that threw them into this relationship, highschool sweethearts in different colleges or all grown up ...

so open to all suggestions.


plot dump


pressing plot needs

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