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 band peeps x the world
Jan 11 2017, 02:35 PM
hello lovely peoples! i am back with another request! this time it's band people vs the world. now i'm warning you now i have a few people in mind, but i'm pretty sure half the people i really like are probably not on the list because i forgot so i'm open for suggestions, but please don't get butt hurt if i'm not feeling a certain face okay?

alright so, i'm down for just about any plot under the sun, if you need ideas you can look in my crackship. i'm also down for myoa plots because why the hell not right? at the moment i am only accepting up to 4 pairs per player mxf only please. that being said if i play a guy for you, you have to play one for me otherwise, it's not going to happen. if you have questions just pm me or hit me up on aim, telegram, discord or aim, all of which you can get from me through pm. comms and rapidfires only please.

the boys:
Andy Biersack
Cody Carson
Alex Gaskarth
Jack Barakat
Maxx Danziger
Patty Walters
Pierre Bouvier
Tyler Joseph
Andy Glass

the girls:
Lynn Gunn
Ariel Bloomer
Tay Jardine
Jenna McDougall
Christina "Chrissy" Costanza


[b]number of pairs:[/b]
[b]plot type (an idea or just put myoa):[/b]
[b]pairings (can be band on band or band on another face:)[/b]
[b]comms or rfs:[/b]
player update
[jan. 13th] okay guys i'm going through my tracker and getting rid of anything that hasn't been replied to for awhile. if you want to continue with what we had please let me know! i will keep the faces we used in my spreadsheet for the time being, but if i don't hear from you for awhile i'm going to remove them.
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