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favorite facesGUYS: robert downey jr, gabriel match, peter capaldi, jeremy jordan, adam levine, ben affleck, jesse eissenberg, aaron tveit, doctor who faces, MCU faces (films and agents of shield), legends of tomorrow faces (arthur darvill, wentworth, brendan routh...) now you see me faces. GIRLS: adelaide kane, emma watson, blake lively, mila kunis, keira knightley, melissa benoist, amber heard, astrid berges-frisbey. no go facespretty much all of the faces i like to play, but feel free to suggest. i'm usually not picky at all over these. triggershardly any triggers, but I'm very occasionally available for smut.
retaking exams, from jan 23 to jan 30. i will not be able to post back during this month, sorry.

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