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 chaos reigned, hogwarts-esque university plot!
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05/18 - i've been in a weird mood so replies will be very very slow but they will be coming soon. i'm so sorry!!
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May 18 2017, 06:01 AM
bloody hell!

im so tired and this is probably garbage but... so i was talking to some friends about making a group request for some kind of upper east side hogwarts school but i realized... most students would have to be underage to go to it and honestly, everything's more fun when it's a uni setting.

basically, alderstorm is a 4 year university to further education for witches and wizards. i don't want to overcomplicate things but basically it's just like any normal college where you choose a course related to the job you want to get after graduating. you can find a list of occupations in the wizarding world here. since this will kind of serve as an interest check/test run, i won't delve into more of the nitty gritty of it all (perhaps if a lot of people are interested we can all hash out course names etc etc!!)

there are def no canon characters here so you're free do and create any character you desire!

a couple of basics is that there will be five houses that pretty much serve the same purpose as the ones in hogwarts though in alderstorm, everyone favours the idea of individual growth rather than being put in a little box that roughly describes who you are. so, wizards and witches get sorted into houses depending on their course rather than personalities. it follows like this:

house nassau: future ministry & gringotts employees, muggle relations

tiramisu goldstein, future cursebreaker, 4th year
sara sampaio, played by taylah
vera vulchanova, future unspeakable, 3rd year
taylor hill, played by alex

house dragovic: the aurors, guards, magical law enforcement, obliviators

mowgli nott, future auror, 3rd year
arthur gosse, played by andie
lark elwood, future hit witch, 3rd year
nastassia lindes, played by skylar
zephry rosier, aspiring obliviator, 3rd year
felix bujo, played by taylah

house lakhani: journalists, writers, teachers

zelda golightly, future history of magic professor, 2nd year
shiloh malka, played by danielle

house vetra: actors, musicians, artists

house kovalenko: mediwitches/wizards, magizoologist, herbologists, potion masters

declan diggory, future dragonologist, 2nd year
vladimir ivanov, played by alex
viola markova, future mediwitch, 3rd year
adrianne ho, played by ana
moxie malfoy, future magizoologist, 2nd year
pyper america, played by andie


house name/professor/civilian [code*]<i class="fa fa-star-o" aria-hidden="true"></i> <u>char name</u>, future occupation, year<br> face claim, played by your name<br>[/code*]
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