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 no more lies, i'll be fine, tag: isa with scorp!

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rose stood in the tiny apartment she bought all on her own after a few years of training at st. mungo's and saving up her galleons. sure, it was probably smaller than she would have liked, but she was proud of it. not only was it paid for all by herself, but it was decorated by herself, as well. to her, it was home, and she loved it. but, that wasn't enough. as she stood in the kitchen, she self-consciously adjusted the fabric of her [gryffindor] red dress and looked around.

soon enough, scorpius would be showing up for dinner with his parents for a dinner that she had prepared all by herself; the meal would start with a salad, followed by pesto and prosciutto stuffed chicken, and chocolate lava cakes for dessert. needless to say, she may have gone a bit over the top, but she was also a bit terrified. she was practically shaking as she set out all of the plates and silverware. her parents weren't too fond of scorpius, but they had at least come around. but would his? they weren't even supposed to be together; their parents warned them of that before first year.

there was a noise from the fireplace, and rose quickly shuffled into the living room, her whole face lighting up when she met scorpius. "hi," she breathed softly, stepping forward to embrace him, momentarily forgetting that his parents would be following after him.

august 1: school starting soon but oops i'm still here??
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please keep the cbox pg 13!