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Growing up was supposed to be mixed with good times along with hard times, but for the Bakers, life seemed to be anything but that. It wasn't all their faults, it was mostly the fault of two particularly parents who participated in a plethora of sex, released several babies to the world, and then realized they wanted little to nothing to do with their children. Being one of the older siblings, Buddy had the closest thing to a regular childhood of the kids but that changed when his parents stop caring less and less about him and the succeeding children, depending on Bud and his younger sister, Sienna, to their "job". It went from them helping out a few nights of the week when they decided not to come to it becoming a full-time gig.

A long day at work at the diner was followed by another couple hours at a neighbor's house, trying to negotiate a price for a broken window that was caused by his younger brother. Laying down on his bed, all Buddy wanted to do was rest but he simply just had too much on his mind. "Hey." He said as he watched his sister enter the room. "What a day huh?".

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please keep the cbox pg 13!