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 skin related issues
Dec 1 2016, 05:13 AM
not exactly an issue per se, but the gif div on the profile page has a blue border - i think it's supposed to match the rest of the colors?

alsooo, not sure if this is just me, but when i'm on mobile (iphone 6, safari, desktop version of the board not mobile!!!) the aforementioned profile doesn't load at all? it's like the css doesn't work for some reason. you can still click the links and all that so it's not a major issue but just a heads up
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january 18. due to some stuff going on in my personal life (nothing bad!!!), i'm taking a lil breather from cosl until this weekend! any replies/starters will be posted then. love y'all ♡
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sara4744 posts // 18750 points
sara waldorfpeppermint hot chocolate // Offline
Dec 1 2016, 08:48 AM
lay of arendelle - this should be taken care of now! i don't use the mobile version ever so feel free to let me know if i need to adjust anything else!

a bee is not just for christmas - thank you for that! there were accidentally extra groups in there and it should be fixed so only admins/mods can see it now.

sara underwood - the border is fixed! on the issue with the profile, i'm not entirely sure how to fix it? i did test it on my old iphone 4 safari browser and it did the same thing to me. however when i looked at a different site, there was no error? this will take a bit of researching to see if i can actually fix it!

edit: sara! this issue seems to be with the safari browser. i'll look into what i can do about that.

edit 2: i fixed the profile issue! it must have been something with the css cuz i moved it's code and now it should work!
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na5 posts // 75 points
site codercaramel hot chocolate // Offline
Dec 18 2016, 05:49 PM
idk if this is happening for everyone but all of the FA Icons are missing for me (Chrome on Mac, Chrome on Android) ie: here -- not sure if I've just missed a chrome update or something
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always looking for more! fair warning, I now only reply once all of our stuff has been replied to, so if we have four threads and you only reply to two, I won't reply to those again until you've hit the other ones.
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andrea11395 posts // 89230 points
andreacinnamon dolce latte // Offline
Dec 18 2016, 06:02 PM
ames actually uses something other than font awesome. she said she had to reupload it because of new icons and it would be fixed soon. it's working for me now, not sure if it's fixed for you yet?
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january 16th: i should be able to get mostly caught up tomorrow (hopefully). i am finally getting adjusted to my new job and am working less at my other one so i won't be as drained as i have been. still prefer comms and one liners at the moment though.
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cassie21385 posts // 43050 points
i'm cassie fucking fitchcaramel apple spice // Online
Dec 18 2016, 06:33 PM
just to say i'm using safari and they're not working for me either! tbh i just assumed it was my laptop being the problem lol
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16/12 - expect a jon bernthal request in the near future because my life is consumed by him and frank castle right now xo
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becca49361 posts // 63255 points
becca gilmorecappuccino // Online
Dec 18 2016, 06:49 PM
just a quick note to everyone -- you may need to clear your cache in order to see the icons again. i had to do that, and everything is perfect now~
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jan 6th -- ♡ i want more comms! please post in my myoa <3 currently making a custom code set for lay. you can buy codes from me in the points thread! // ty to my wonderful wife leigh for my avatars <3
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Kristen33996 posts // 268395 points
kristen ♡caramel hot chocolate // Offline
Dec 18 2016, 08:29 PM
they should work now without having to clear the cache! sorry about that. XDXD
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out of town until jan 11th! i wont be posting much, but i'm NOT dropping anything!
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