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 accio firewhiskey, mxf / all eras
take a good look, missy Yes yes yes to all! Charlie can be dealing with romantic feelings he has for Tonks, but knows he can't start anything because of the long distance thing and their demanding work schedules... but maybe stuff just... happens? And now they have to figure out what to do going forward...
6/16 The summer school + 40hr work weeks routine has begun. Posting days are weekends, but I may be able to respond to rapidfires via my phone on slow days at work. PLEASE TELL ME if there is a thread I've forgotten to start or reply to. I'm not purposefully ignoring it, I've just got a limited amount of space in my brain and all my summer camp planning probably took precedent and kicked it out.
please no: Just ask. Sometimes I'm willing to do things for some plots and not for others. It really depends how everything goes down in the thread and what I'm comfortable with in the moment.
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