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 ❄️ wintertime blues, cassie cabello.
kelsey halstead
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Jake knew that he shouldn’t have volunteered to work tonight but he rarely said no to an offer for overtime. now he was pretty sure that his sixteen hour shift would be more like 24 or possibly even 32. usually one of two things happened on nights like this, the hospital was incredibly slammed with motor vehicle accidents and people just being reckless or it was just dead because everyone was smart and stayed inside. apparently they had lucked out because things were currently quiet in the emergency department with the exception of a homeless man who was being treated for frostbite and an elderly woman who had a heart attack while shopping for last minute supplies in preparation of the storm. jake was sitting in the security control room right outside of the emergency room, doing a last minute scan of all of the monitors before telling the other security officer on duty that he was going to take a break. jake walked out into the waiting area before making his way through a set of locked double doors, swiping his keycard to open the door. several steps down a long hallway and through another set of doors and he was where he wanted to be. thankful that things were still quiet and there weren’t a lot of ears around, he spoke up as he leaned over the nurses station. ”please tell me that you can take a break.” he pleaded as he offered a sheepish smirk. ”if we don’t have time to fool around in the call room, at least give me twenty minutes to buy you a coffee” he offered as he shifted his gait and adjusted himself so that he was hovering over her, leaning in for a quick kiss.



smutty comms

madelaine petsch

jesse soffer
cassie cabello.
january 11th: after a few down days i am back and trying to get caught up. forever taking on new things though because i have zero self control.
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the entire snowstorm and being snow in definitely had been the last thing she had wanted when she had come into work. she had been nearing the end of a twelve hour shift when they told everyone that they would not be able to leave, that the roads were undriveable and they were going to have to be stuck at the hospital. rather than just sitting around, anna decided to continue working and get some much needed overtime. at first, things had been rather crazy when all the accidents and things that were occurring outside but eventually it finally died down in the emergency room and she was finally able to relax a bit at the nurse's station. it was much needed, especially after already working a full shift before this entire thing went down.

as jake approached, a huge smile spread across the red head's face and there was a sparkle in her eyes. staring up at him, she just smirked at him for a moment. lucky for you.. i am going on about twenty hours right now so i am due a very long break. she said to him, turning to the other nurses and motioning to them she was going to take a break. she stood up and made her way around the nurse's station and made her way to jake. so, we can do whatever you want to do. she said to him, standing on her tip toes and pressing her lips to him.

i don't want you like a best friend does




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