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 :// i've seen fire, t: ree [tw]

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tw: lots of blood, violence, death ... the works

it's been nearly a week since the incident. hyesun blames herself, for turning away for one second. it's a crime worthy of death, but she doesn't have time to face her punishment. instead, she's lead the rally to find him. they had gathered intel for two days until they'd gotten the ransom notice. everyone was saying that they didn't deal with terrorists, that they would get him back alive without submitting to their demands. hyesun had thrown herself at the feet of the queen, asking her to spare him. but it was out of soojin's control as well. hyesun knew she could only fight to bring him home.

they'd taken only a dozen people once they discovered where he was. it was a miscalculation. hyesun thought she'd be able to sneak in and sneak out but there were more guards than anticipated. these were no ordinary soldiers. they were organized. they were prepared.

she rushes down the corridor, aiming to kill whoever got in her way. her foot breaks down every door she comes upon, and she can't see anything but red. he has to come home. he has to. forever hasn't been long enough yet.

she finds the passage to the basement, armed with several men in front. she fires a shot at the first two. the bodies of two men fall, blood beginning to pool around them. the next two shoot, charging towards her. a bullet grazes her arm. another into her thigh. she manages to breeze through the last two before the other one makes a run for the basement.

there's a loud noise from the basement and her heart sinks. "taehyung!!!" she screams, leaving behind any last remaining bit of stealth she had left. she pulls the knife from the sheath on her belt, catches the last remaining guard in front of her. dead, in a pool of his own blood with a knife in his hands.

he last guard seemed to have wanted to take both of them out at the same time, not giving goryeo the satisfaction of saving him or getting their revenge. hyesun rushes to him, trembling hands on either side of his face. "no, no. not like this. you're okay. you're going to be okay." he's not and she's trembling. a sob escaping her as she lets go of him to untie his hands, pulling him into her when she sinks to her knees.

there's so much blood. where was it coming from? she looks but her vision's so blurry that she can't see. she doesn't want to admit that he won't walk out of here like she'd planned. this was her fault. she hadn't been prepared. she'd hadn't acted sooner. there hadn't been enough guards. she wasn't prepared for this. she finds that the blood is coming from his neck and she rips her own shirt, holding it against the wound. she can't stop it. she knows, but she wants to try. he's not supposed to go like this. she was supposed to go first. "please. don't leave me." she presses her lips to his forehead, sinking further to the ground and pulling him into her lap. "it's my fault. i'm sorry. it's my all my fault."
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