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 announcement 009, new february skin

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announcement 009
hey everyone! it's the time again, a new skin! a big thank you to our lovely admin kristen for making us this skin! please let her know what you think because she worked very hard on it and had to get it done pretty quickly for us since i had to beg her last second for it!

with the tumblr contest just wrapping up, we are working on either a writing prompt or development contest for the actual site right now and are hoping to have that up pretty soon. if you ever have any ideas for contests or events for the site, feel free to either post it in the ask the staff thread or contact one of the staff members and we will discuss it in our discord chat.

we have a few staff birthdays in the month of february! melissa and myself all celebrate our birthdays!

anyways, enjoy the new skin and happy valentine's day (in a few weeks).

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please keep the cbox pg 13!