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 whose house are you haunting tonight?, apocalypses & dystopias
abra la la la
12/18 sorry. real life stress and shenanigans. woo hoo. fingers crossed i'll be back to burden you with my plots within a couple days or so ♥
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beware: here there be tw & trash
the rundown
if i'd prefer a certain role, i'll italisize it. if i need to play that role, i'll bold it. otherwise it's pretty fair game.

post apocalyptic
♥ a pair of wandering survivors who can't stand each other but the other person's the first they've seen in too long and anything's better than the quiet. what happens if a third survivors turns up? or a fourth? what happens if no one does? if they think they've found the way to a settlement only to find it abandoned? unlikely partners. maybe unlikely friends. maybe unlikely lovers. maybe not even armageddon can make them like each other.

♥ (bean two would be mine): the world falls and bean one grabs their opportunity. they've been watching bean two from a distance and for too long. now, they need bean one and they intend to take full advantage. (huh, that doesn't gotta be as rapey as it came out. which's rapier than i intended oop.)

♥ overall, i like the vibe of isolation and panic. what happens when you need someone more than you want them? and how long does the distinction remain? how long does it matter?

greek gods & myths dystopia
futuristic society ruled by corporations. where status is everything. the big three and their family live on the 51st floor, far above the law. mythical monsters, heroes, and creatures do their bidding or bid their time. mortals screwed and screwed over by callous executives with too much power.
  • persephone & hades
  • achilles & patroclus
  • apollo & icarus
  • apollo & artemis (platonic)
  • eris & ares
  • psyche & cupid
  • paris & helen
  • zeus & hera
  • poseidon & medusa
  • ariadne & the sea monster

psychological science fiction
two people with very different personalities trapped in an underground bunker. it can be riddled with traps like in the cube, equipped to hold one less person then there is, etc. they can be strangers, but i think i prefer they have history.

possible archetypes & pairs, but i'm v open to others:

  • the survivalist & the socialite
  • the vagrant & the professor
  • the student & the mechanic
© kristen


crackship list

"based on" reqs

plot dump

basket grace
I'm new, I'm young, and I'm excited!
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I'd love to do Persephone & Hades with you!



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