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cassie cabello.
february 7th: i am playing catchup after my birthday weekend now. have a pretty big to do list but i am pretty sure that i can get it almost all complete today. i am basically only looking for things where i can play my favorite faces, specifically camila cabello because she is my queen so if you want to give me camila ships i will love you forever.
age: 32
pronouns: she / her
timezone: central
member group: red velvet cake
posts: 28733
points: 83495
mature? yes
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give away points
after much thinking, i've decided that members may now give away their points to other members. so if you have some unwanted points that you would like to give to another user then please post the following form below and one of the staff members will take care of it as soon as possible. it will cost you 1,000 points to transfer points to another member
[post][b]current points[/b]: [b]amount of points transferring[/b]: [b]points transferring to who[/b] @[username][/post]




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