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 ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE LOVE STORY, fxm in exchange for mxf
love dove
december 26 I've been away for a while, family emergency in progress. I have down time and coming back to rp for a while!! Sorry for being inactive. Can't wait to plot with everyone again
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Hi there! I'm Dove!! I had this zombie plot I've been interested in doing and was looking for someone to join me! This plot I would like to play the female role for BUT I want to exchange a plot of your choice with you where I play the male. We can discuss that whenever!! I have faces in mind of who I want to use, but I am pretty open to whomever you want to use for your male fc! Also I am looking for more plot line then well smut, but I am also not against it if it comes up in the plot line. I would like it if we focused more on the love aspect though.

Okay so yes please take this, I will love you forever. http://i.imgbox.com/8btdIDwZ.png

Olivia Holt/Dove Cameron x Who ever
I'm going to use Olivia Holt or Dove Cameron. I'll let you choose. My character is going to be an innocent and sweet little girl type. At least at first glance. She is actually kick ass and has been surviving on her own for a year. Her family all died at the beginning of the apocalypse. This will be a universe where zombie movies actually exist, so the human race was semi prepared. Anyway, she is 18 and before everything happened she was a nursing student. So she has a basic knowledge to at least get by when it comes to being a healer.

Anyway she is exhausted and out of supplies and she ends up bumping into your character. The two of them end up in a predicament where they are trapped unless they help each other out. So they kick some ass and end up running into this building together when they couldn't keep fighting. Then they end up trapped together for a while. This is where they get to know each other. I'm hoping on a love plot but I want to see how things go. Pleasee take this I'll love you forever.



11th Feb. - I have some more free time so pls give me your ideas.
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the dove in the woods
are you still interested in this plot?


semi precious stones

cut from glass

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