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what's your damage, cori?
Notes from cori
may 29, 2017: hi. yes. the artist formally known as carly. i feel like half of cosl already knows my name is actually cori so... after five years, i've made it cosl official. you can still call me carly. you can also call me cori. or hey you. whatever floats your boat. c:
age: 24
pronouns: she/her
timezone: EST / GMT-5
contact: telegram/discord
mature threads: yes
member group: the little mermaid
posts: 86339
points: 139550
status: Online
the faves
alberto rosende, diego luna, jeremy jordan, jordan fisher, matthew daddario, nick robinson, taron egerton, thomas sangster, tom holland, zayn malik

dove cameron, emeraude toubia, maia mitchell, melissa benoist, natalia dyer, odeya rush, shereen cutkelvin, zendaya
the hell nos
i'll play against pretty much anyone i recognize (and i do not recognize kpop/kdrama people)
the triggers
incest, rape/abuse