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ella barrueco
Notes from ella
(APRIL 28) - i'm doing pretty great atm. college is still crazy, but i feel like i'm handling it well lol

also i'm still a sucker for ronan lynch and trc xoxo

i've rediscovered the love of my life, sebastian stan, give me plots pls
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the faves
(need plots with right now!!!) - avan jogia, dev patel, jesse lee soffer, jon bernthal, luke pasqualino, manish dayal, riz ahmed, sebastian stan

(current faves - april) - alfie enoch, alycia debnam carey, ariana grande, arthur gosse, ashley graham, avan jogia, charlie weber, chris evans, courtney eaton, dev patel, diego barrueco, eiza gonzalez, jesse lee soffer, jon bernthal, lucky blue smith, luke pasqualino, manish dayal, matthew daddario, margot robbie, nico tortorella, phoebe tonkin, priyanka chopra, rami malek, reece king, riz ahmed, sebastian stan, selena gomez, toni mahfud, all the models basically
the hell nos
boybands, kpop, little mix, kristen stewart, taylor swift, jennifer lawrence, demi lovato (sometimes it's fine), benedict cumberbatch, glee faces (apart from dianna agron), crystal reed, holland roden (idk sometimes it's ok)
the triggers
i will tell you when i'm uncomfortable with something