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Notes from luna
5.09 finally free from finals!
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the faves
note: i will only use 98 liners and older

bts, dreamcatcher, day6, gfriend, ioi, kard, pristin, seventeen, sf9

cha eunwoo, chittaphon leechaiyapornkul (ten), eric nam, jackson wang, lee jooheon, lu han, mark tuan, nam joo hyuk, oh sehun, park seungjun, seo johnny, son hyunwoo (shownu) // ahn heeyeon (hani), choi sooyoung, hirai momo, im jinah (nana), kim jisoo, lee jieun (iu), lee luda, lee sung kyung, minatozaki sana
the hell nos
white fcs tbh
the triggers
incest, abuse, rape