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happy holidays!love the cosl staff
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favorite facessynyster gates!!! no but really. ANDY BIERSACK, andreja pejic, austin aries, ben barnes, CM PUNK, CODY GARBRANDT, corey graves, corey taylor, darren criss, DIEGO LUNA, dominic monaghan, elijah wood, EZRA MILLER, FINN BALOR, jack falahee, jacoby shaddix, jared leto, jason momoa, justin timberlake, kit harington, leonardo dicaprio, machine gun kelly, marlon teixeira, matt bomer, max thieriot, nyle dimarco, OLI SYKES, paul rudd, rami malek, ronnie radke, sal vulcano, seth rollins, SYNYSTER GATES, theo rossi no go facesone direction, or five seconds of summer, or really any boy band-y type faces.
also as a note, i will not use kpop faces but i'm cool with others using them.
triggersthe more graphic / sexual / gnarly / trigger-filled it is, the better
16 JAN: today is the beginning of the spring semester, and on top of that, i'm starting a new third shift job. the times that i'll be online are probably gonna change some, but i should be pretty active still.

if i forget to reply to something, please remind me! i'm kinda slow with my mxf things because i really only have mxm muse right now, so if you wanna drop anything, also feel free to let me know. sorry in advance for anything i'm doing wrong!


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