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Notes from sin
06 APR: so after dealing with a personal crisis i'm back xoxo gonna catch up on things that i owe people over the next week! sorry for being a tit and disappearing i love you all

31 JAN: super behind on school work so gonna be low-key absent with posts for a minute. bear with me, or else lemme know if you wanna drop things! xoxo

16 JAN: today is the beginning of the spring semester, and on top of that, i'm starting a new third shift job. the times that i'll be online are probably gonna change some, but i should be pretty active still. if i forget to reply to something, please remind me! i'm kinda slow with my mxf things because i really only have mxm muse right now, so if you wanna drop anything, lemme know! xoxo
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the faves
ships: ANDREJA PEJIC x rick genest. ANDY BIERSACK x ben bruce. ANDY BIERSACK x oli sykes. ANDY BIERSACK x ronnie radke. ASH STYMEST x jake bass. CM PUNK x chris jericho. CM PUNK x randy orton. DIEGO LUNA x gael garcia bernal. diego luna x riz ahmed. EZRA MILLER x colin farrell. FINN BALOR x seth rollins. FRANKIE GRANDE x zach rance. JAKE BASS x ash stymest. JARED LETO x shannon leto. JOEY RICHTER x curt mega. JOEY RICHTER x darren criss. KIT HARINGTON x richard madden. OLI SYKES x andy biersack. SAL VULCANO x brian quinn. SETH ROLLINS x dean ambrose. SETH ROLLINS x randy orton. SETH ROLLINS x roman reigns. SETH ROLLINS x triple h. SYNYSTER GATES x m shadows. THEO ROSSI x charlie hunnam. THEO ROSSI x marilyn manson. TYLER SEGUIN x jamie benn.

actors: ashton kutcher. BEN BARNES. bradley cooper. charlie hunnam. colin o'donoghue. darren criss. DIEGO LUNA. dominic monaghan. elijah wood. EZRA MILLER. gaspard ulliel. JAKE BASS. JACK FALAHEE. james franco. jason mamoa. JOEY RICHTER. justin chatwin. kit harington. leonardo dicaprio. lin-manuel miranda. matt bomer. max thieriot. orlando bloom. paul rudd. RAMI MALEK. richard madden. sal vulcano. sam claflin. seann william scott. THEO ROSSI. zac efron.

athletes: aj styles. alex shelley. austin aries. baron corbin. carey price. chris jericho. CM PUNK. CODY GARBRANDT. cody rhodes. corey graves. dean ambrose. derick brassard. dolph ziggler. ENZO AMORE. erik gudbranson. FINN BALOR. gabriel landeskog. jamie benn. jeff hardy. justin gabriel. kevin owens. kris letang. MARTY SCURLL. matt sydal. maxim lapierre. the miz. noam dar. randy orton. robbert kemperman. roman reigns. SETH ROLLINS. sidney crosby. tyler breeze. tyler eifert. TYLER SEGUIN. xavier woods. zack ryder.

musicians: ANDY BIERSACK. ashley purdy. ben bruce. chris fronzak. corey taylor. danny worsnop. dj ashba. ivan moody. jack barakat. jacoby shaddix. jaime preciado. JARED LETO. jeremy mckinnon. jimmy sullivan. johnny christ. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. laura jane grace. m shadows. machine gun kelly. nikki sixx. OLI SYKES. ronnie radke. shannon leto. SYNYSTER GATES. travis garland. zacky vengeance.

models: andreja pejic. ash stymest. edu beber. frankie grande. marlon teixeira. nyle dimarco. rick genest. ricki hall.
the hell nos
one direction, five seconds of summer, the kardashian clan.
i'm super on board with kpop faces, but i will not use them.
the triggers
the more graphic / sexual / gnarly / trigger-filled it is, the better