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we are a six-year-old, free-for-all, multiple verses roleplay. and make sure you read all the topics in the important forum before continuing. if you need help, contact a staff member and we'll be happy to help you!

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mar 18 we have a brand new skin! we have also made some much needed changes to the joint boards after reading feedback from our members in the sitewide surveys, so be sure to check out the announcement to learn all about the changes!! keep in mind, we're always looking for your feedback and suggestions to make this site a better place (you can leave them in ask the staff, pm one of us, discord chat or dm one of us). also don't forget about the current events going on -- the xxiii winter olympic games is going on until march 31 and can be found here and the 90th academy awards are going on until april 4 and can be found here.
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 redeem for forums
redeem for forums
what you can redeem points for:

5,000 points -- group plot board (no subforums allowed) (100 posts)
5,000 points -- additional forum in personal development & joint forums (100 posts) [maximum of 10 per forum]
50,000 points -- personal development forum (1,000 posts)
50,000 points -- joint development forum (1,000 posts)

    you must have a total of 5 active topics in order to obtain a joint development board. this can be a combination of comms and threads, however, comms must be at least 5 pages before they can be counted and threads must have at least 5 posts. please only include the five urls that meet the requirements when posting! in addition, joint boards may have a maximum of 3 people, and are designed for plots that include all 3 members. (all 3 members do not have to be present in each comm/thread so long as they are all part of the same group plot.) any more than 3 members must go the group plot/verse route. and if you have any questions, feel free to pm an admin! (:

personal development boards will only be moved to the archives if you have not posted on the site in three months. joint boards will be moved to the archives if they have not been posted in within 60 days. both of these boards can be moved back for no cost, just simply post in the mod acton thread requesting it to be moved back.

how to redeem for forums:

[dohtml][post][b]what you're redeeming for[/b]: please tell us<br> [b]name of forum[/b]: list name here<br> [b]amount of points[/b]: number here<br> [b]do you want it to be mature[/b]: yes or no<br> [b]any specific sorting requests[/b]: topic title a-z, etc<br> [b]subforums[/b]: list here[/post][/dohtml]

how to redeem for joint board:

[dohtml][post][b]which two/three members is this for[/b]: name and name<br> [b]subforums[/b]: list here if any<br> [b]total amount of points[/b]: amount<br> [b]how many points to be taken from each member[/b]: # from name, # from name<br> [b]urls to active five threads[/b]: please make sure you follow the guidelines above<br> [b]do you want it to be mature?[/b]: yes or no<br> [b]any specific sorting requests[/b]: topic title a-z, etc[/post][/dohtml]
july 10th: i am cleaning out most of my stuff (minus a select few) and will only be taking on very few things for the time being. work is too overwhelming and i am having a very hard time finding the motivation to rp most the time.
please no: cancer and i will not plot incest (stepcest and fostercest is okay but NOTHING blood related).
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