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 ❝ beyond two souls ❞, jdm [ age gap, abilities, triggers ]
so i really fucking love the videogame beyond two souls; it isn't necessary for you to have played the game to write this plot out with me though! i just think it'd be a ton of fun! i'm only basing this plot on the videogame but a lot of things will be different as well.

basically, i want to play a girl, who i will refer to as riley ( wanna use danielle campbell as the face ), who has had abilities since a very young age. objects move around her, people get hurt around her, etc. her parents became obviously creeped out when she would talk to herself as if there was another person around. an invisible person that she called reese. the violence escalated until a punk ass kid getting mysteriously shoved in front of a car. don't worry he lived to blame riley. she swore it was reese though and her parents took her to a child psychologist, who then alerted a government friend to the incredible child.

her parents ended up signing around their parental rights and custody over to the government and riley was carted off to live in a facility to be studied around the clock. she grew up in this environment and the staff of the facility were her only friends (aside from reese). recently the man in charge of the study and her care died (a questionable death for sure) and there is a new man in charge. a man riley ( and by default reese ) doesn't really trust and she's not very fond of.

i was thinking jdm (or other?) could be a double agent and actually be out to kidnap the girl and get her to the country that is offering the most for her? of course, that would take earning her trust and finding a way to get her out of the place. i just... need something based on this videogame. x.x
[ 22nd june 2018 ] /// the past few days have been rough for me when it comes to muse. i've been slowly working my way through four pages of alerts. i've managed to get down to two, so progress is being made. if i owe you a starter, please nudge me to remind me if i haven't gotten to it by sunday. i love you all! xoxo
my preference is for DARK, GRITTY plots. i usually focus on fucked up ships. while i love some good, rough smut, i always focus more on the DEVELOPMENT and UNFOLDING OF A STORY.
i play males and females but please reciprocate, otherwise i end up only playing male characters.
please no: incest. [ which is more of a personal preference than a trigger. stepcest is totally okay though. ]
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