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oooh, bee-haaave
Notes from BEE
[01/22] starting all over again! if you desperately want to keep a pair let me know but otherwise give me new things!
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the faves
dove cameron, austin butler, ben whishaw, annasophia robb, katie findlay, vs angels, models in general, ebba zingmark, indiana evans, jennifer lawrence, max irons, olivia cooke, claire holt, candice king, felicity jones, adam driver, daisy ridley, oscar isaac, phoebe tonkin, shelley hennig, tw faces, the originals faces, grant gustin, halsey, drew taggart, taron egerton, theo james, shailene woodley, ansel elgort, matt smith, lily evans, zendaya coleman, karlie kloss, andrew potts
the hell nos
as long as a face is over 18 i don't mind. i will admit that i know no k-pop faces so if you want to use them you're going to have to give me some suggestions to google.
the triggers
none. like, at all.