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happy holidays!love the cosl staff
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favorite facesbasically anyone kpop / non kpop poc!!!! models, adonis bosso, avan jogia (!!!!), alfie enoch, got7 pls, hirai momo (!!!), felix gesnouin, matthew bell, deepika padukone (!!!), emeraude toubia, alia bhatt (!!!), brian kang, priyanka chopra, gina rodriguez, jaden smith, herizen guardiola, bob morley, luke pasqualino, michael b. jordan, reece king (!!!), tyler posey, ysham jackson, zayn malik, lindsey morgan, stephanie bertram rose + kpop?? idk no go facestaylor swift, justin bieber, liam payne, louis tomlinson, scarlett johansson, the jenners, block b, ikon, big bang, 2ne1, vixx ( - hakyeon) ??? triggersrape, abuse, incest, mental health fetishisation, anything involving crime (only bc idk how to rp that), jailbait-y plots, young women / significantly older men
i'll be on break soon enough and while i'll still be busy with festivities, i def have more time to rp now!!! hit me with things if you wanna ~

please keep content pg-13!
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