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Posted by: poegostick Jan 2 2017, 10:03 PM
He was supposed to be sleeping. Their schedules started at six the next morning, and with the award show rehearsals carrying on into the late night, he knew it was bound to be a long day. But his group had been delayed on a transfer flight into China, and so now into the small hours of the night they were finally getting settled into the hotel.

Yonggi’s roommate had unpacked his bags and then left for the evening. He was never really one to sleep and said that some of the other bandmates were getting drinks. Choosing instead to unpack, he had graciously declined.

It was with a great sigh of relief that he slipped into his bed. The shower had been short but hot, and his hair was still drying slowly. It meant that it would be an awful mess when he woke up but he hardly could bring himself to care. Keeping the soft side lamp on, he settled into is bed, but his mind was rambling. With as many idols that were in the hotel…did that mean Min was in a room nearby? He wanted to message him and yet, he didn’t want to risk waking the boy if he was just getting rest.

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 2 2017, 10:19 PM
the minute someone had told him that all of the idols from the company were going to be in the same hotel for the night, min had planned a number of things. food was obviously the first thing on the said plan and after wolfing down what was probably five pounds of food and leaving a mountain of dishes for the staff to pick up, min moves onto step two of the plan which included tracking down his boyfriend.

thankfully with rehearsal earlier in the day for his group, min's already showered when he hears the boisterous noise of what sounds like a thousand people heading towards the elevators. while he knows the managers would be prowling around later on, the huge group outside was likely to grab their attention for now so it was the perfect time to move.

shooting a grin at his roommate, min bolts out the door to the room he'd seen yonggi go into earlier (not that he had been creeping when he'd heard the group go down the hallway after their practice... no...) and knocking urgently. "yonggi, it's me!" he hisses, looking over his shoulder to where everyone had disappeared to. hopefully the door opened soon because min was going to be in deep shit if his manager caught him still up and sneaking around this late at night when they had to be up so damned early.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 2 2017, 10:24 PM
His eyes had just closed when he heard the knock. For a moment he worried that the manager might be coming to wake him up already. But then an all too familiar voice floated through the door.

Min He couldn’t stop the smile from crossing his lips. Carefully he pushed himself up from the bed and did his best not to run across the room to open the door. His fingers trembled as he flicked open the lock, nearly vibrating in excitement to see him. God Min had found him, what a wonderful boy he was.

Yonggi half expected it to be a prank, but when Min was standing there his breath was taken away for the smallest of moments. Soon his brain worked and he gripped the boys arm, tugging him in the room. The door slammed behind him, and he soon had Min pushed up against the wall, lips finding his in a kiss. “God I missed you,” he manage to breathe out before their lips met..

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 2 2017, 10:39 PM
min stands in the hall fidgeting nervously until the door finally swings open to reveal yonggi. as dead tired as min is, it still takes everything in him to keep from launching forward right into familiar arms. his face feels like it's splitting in half with how wide his smile has gotten and he bites on the inside of his cheek to keep it from getting any wider and coming off creepy.

he allows himself to be pulled inside the room, glad to finally be out of view of any rouge staff members that could potentially get him in trouble. though in the next minute yonggi is pushing him right up against the wall and min's breath hitches at the feeling of his back hitting the cold wall as yonggi leans forward.

his lips seek out yonggi's instinctively for a greeting and min feels like he practically melts as soon as they kiss. "i missed you too." he murmurs, pulling back only to tuck his head into the crook of yonggi's neck and take in a deep breath. "i just wanted to see you. i didn't wake you did i?" min had been so excited to see yonggi that he hadn't even thought about the schedules yonggi would have early tomorrow. "i-i can go if you wanna get to bed..." he trails off, consciously fighting the urge to chew nervously on his lip.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 2 2017, 10:46 PM
His smile was gorgeous, he was gorgeous, and Yonggi wanted to stand back and just drink it all in. But he had lips to taste first, and god were they always worth the wait. Yonggi let the kiss be broken only because he knew for once they had time to spend together. His roommate was gone, and no spying eyes from the company were there to rat them out.

He wrapped his arms around Min, pulling him oh so tight, burying his face in his hair before pressing a few soft kisses to the top of it.

“No, we just got in. Flight was delayed it was a mess…” he said softly, knowing he was holding him just a bit too tight. But it wasn’t often they got to see each other except for a brief glimpse on overlapping schedules.

“I was worried about waking you thats why I didn’t text when we got in.” He reached up to burry his fingers against Min’s scalp, sighing at the touch of the familiar soft strands. “Stop letting them dye your hair, its going to change at this rate…” he teased softly before moving back, tugging Min from his neck.

Carefully, he took Min’s face in his hand, tracing his features for any worrying signs. “Are you eating okay? Are you over practicing?”

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 2 2017, 11:01 PM
min has never felt safer than in yonggi's arms and he relishes the feel of them tightening around his body and pulling him closer. his own wind around yonggi's waist and lock tight around him as well, unwilling to let go until they absolutely must. the kisses pressed to the top of his head has min giggling against yonggi's skin and body shifting to wrap even closer around his.

"damn..." he mumbles in reply, knowing the struggle of delayed flights all too well. "we've been here since like... i dunno? ten... eleven?" in typical min fashion, he had knocked out on the flight and had been half-asleep until the group had finally been thrust out on stage for practice.

yonggi's fingers tangle into min's hair and he lets out a quiet sigh. "i was awake, we just finished eating." because min figured it was creepy to sit with an ear pressed against the door to listen for yonggi or his groupmates. "is this you telling me you wont love me if i go bald?" he teases as yonggi gently pulls his head back, lips pulling into a small smile as min's gaze wanders all over yonggi's face. god, poor yonggi looked so exhausted...

"yeah, i'm eating fine... practicing as much as any of the others." which wasn't entirely inaccurate even though his entire group was full of workaholics. "what about you, how are your schedules going? i saw some fans saying you didn't look well at the last fansign, you're not sick are you?" an unfortunate part of their career as it was, it doesn't leave min any less concerned.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 3 2017, 07:28 AM
Yonggi couldn't help but smile at the soft curse that came from Min. He never really heard extreme words from the kid, but it always amused him, like Min was triyng to be much older than he was. But he had a habit of babying him...just about everyone in the company knew it. Their fans weren't far behind in catching on to it in any case. "Sounds like you've had some rest then, good."

He pretended to pull a face, as if he were seriously considering the possibility of breaking up with min without his hair. "Oh absolutely," he teased. While Min's physical appearance had hooked Yonggi, it wasn't what kept him here. "No, even if every hair on your head fell out I would still love you forever and ever," he said softly, tapping the tip of Min's nose.

The idea that the company might put Min on another diet worried Yonggi, constantly. They were harder on the new debuts and trainees, a lot more than people like his group that had already worked to be established. His eyes traced over Min's features, looking for any betraying sign that he might be lying. To the question he nodded. "We've been overseas a lot, it messes with my skin so I always look a bit tired. But I'm fine, don't worry." He dropped another short kiss to Mins lips before stepping back. Pulling him towards the bed to lay down.

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 3 2017, 09:38 AM
being all go all the time like his group often was is draining on everyone from their manager and stylists right down to the other members. still being a rookie group means they had to show up to every show, every event, and every radio station for as much exposure as they could. even if they got twenty minutes of rest between schedules, they had all quickly learned to appreciate it. "yeah, most of us have been knocked out since we rehearsed." except min, of course, who had been diligently waiting.

he gives yonggi's shoulder a playful shrug, lip jutting out in a pout. "rude." min grunts, nose wrinkling as yonggi taps it and a smiling again as he leans back into yonggi's warmth. "good, cause i was gonna tell them to dye my hair hot pink next. maybe blue after that, who knows..." the constant bleaching and coloring of his hair had done a number on it and it was definitely a little rougher than it was before.

min knows yonggi is looking for the tell-tale signs of over-exertion and while min's weight had fluctuated here and there, he's in a pretty good place for now. "yeah... how was that?" it sucked how often yonggi's group was overseas because it meant min couldn't sneak out to see him even if he wanted to. "are you sure you want me to stay? aren't you tired?" min questions as yonggi pulls him towards the bed. while he had no qualms about cuddling, min didn't want to keep yonggi up if he was tired.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 3 2017, 11:04 PM
He shouldn’t pout like that, he was dangerous when he pouted. Yonggi was sure Min would discover the full potential of those powers in due time. He couldn’t resist thumbing against that poked out lip because wow, it was delicious looking.

“Just because I would still love you if I was bald, please don’t do that to your hair.” Yonggi had been forced to go pink before and honestly it was a complete mess, and he had ruined countless pillows because of it.

He ignored the protests from Min concerning his sleepiness as he sank into the soft sheets. God they had booked some good hotels this time. Min was quickly tugged in with him, so that he could wrap his arms around him and kiss him again. Once, twice, three times, followed by a nip at his lips. “Ive never been so sure about anything in my life as I am about you, Jung Min,” He couldn’t fight the smile touching his lips.

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 3 2017, 11:33 PM
yonggi's thumb brushes over his lips and min's lips quirk upwards as he tries his best to keep the pout up for just a few seconds longer. "i'd be cute bald too, don't worry." he says with a giggle, fingers tightening in the fabric of yonggi's shirt.

"maybe i'll just stick to the regular colors then..." min says with a shrug. as much as he enjoyed his natural hair, it was kind of mandatory for them to switch it up every now and again. min had gotten away with pretty natural hair for the last few months, so it's only a matter of time now.

yonggi collapses into the bed and min allows himself to be pulled as well, limbs instantly tangling with yonggi's as he smiles wide into each of the kisses. "god, yonggi, you're so cheesy..." thankfully it was dark so yonggi wouldn't be able to see min blushing as he buries his burning face into yonggi's chest.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 7 2017, 09:45 PM
Min was always strangely confident when it came to him. Yonggi loved every moment of it. The cockiness suited him, and it meant that the distance couldn’t convince Min that he wasn’t loved.

Chuckling, he ruffled the boy’s hair, loving its natural color now. Soft, and smooth to his touch. He missed him, he missed every single inch of him, he missed every hair on his head. And he intended on having him by his side for as long as possible.

“Cheeseyyyy?” he scoffed, pulling the word out for dramatic effect as he tugged min even tighter. He moved to nuzzle against his neck, letting his breath tickle min’s ear before letting his tongue sneak out to trace against the shape. Just enough so when he blew a breath against it, he’d feel the awful cold. “Fine no more, I’ll just be mean how about that?”

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 7 2017, 10:17 PM
it always sucks so much to be away, min had never imagined in his entire life that he would end up to totally and completely in love with another person like he was with yonggi. when they're not together there is a hole in min's chest that doesn't fill until they're united once again like this.

yonggi's fingers push through his hand and min gives an almost purr-like hum of contentment. his arms tigthen around yonggi's waist and min sighs quietly at the buzzing warmth flooding through his entire body the longer they spend time together. "yes, cheesy." min answers with a roll of the eyes at yonggi's dramatics, even if yonggi can't see it.

min's head tilts slightly to also yonggi more access to nuzzling his neck. it quickly turns into min pulling away as yonggi's tongue flickers out against his sensitive ears. "yonggi stooop..." he whines, smacking yonggi's chest with a frown, even if he shivers over it anyways. "no, don't be mean. i like cheesy." min smiles, leaning up to kiss yonggi's jaw.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 7 2017, 10:21 PM
He laughed softly, unable to resist as Min fussed. He loved messing with him, he loved teasing and pushing at his buttons. Sometimes a little bit too much, and yet, Min never pushed him away. The smack against his chest didn't hurt, but it only spurred him on to be a bit more mischievous. He was the older one here, and yet Min's reactions always egged him on.

"God, I love this Min," he said, kissing his ear this time instead of teasing. Letting his leg tangle around the other, he made sure there was no distance between them, arranging the blankets to wrap around them both. With Min tucked against his chest now, he let his fingers push through his hair, an absent motion that Yonggi found himself doing even in his sleep. Every so often he'd pause to drop a kis against the youngers head. "Did you prepare something shocking for tomorrow's stage?" he hated to talk about work and yet there was nothing else in his life that he had to comment on.

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 7 2017, 10:33 PM
yonggi's laughs at min's complaining and he only juts his lips out in a pout.he was semi-serious about it, dammit! he knows yonggi is probably going to continue and he really doesn't mind it, as sensitive as his ears may be. it was just another thing that min had come to adore about spending time together with his boyfriend and the little physical touches helped him feel infinitely closer to yonggi

min nods, cheek brushing against the fabric of yonggi's shirt. "i love this too, yonggi... so much." he never looked forward to anything as much as he did meeting up with yonggi again. it often was the highlight of min's entire month and even if it didn't progress any farther than something like this with yonggi running his hands through min's hair. "and i love you." with his entire heart. "yeah, i'm taking my pants off." min replies with a cheeky grin because he wanted yonggi to be just as surprised as the rest of the crowd.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 7 2017, 10:41 PM
yonggi pretended to gasp the sound sharp as min mentioned his supposed special stage. "are your fans going to be able to handle that? and what about the censors you'all get no screen time!" mock shock ran through his voice as he shook his head. he knew min was playing with him, and it in fact only made him more excited. min was planning something and that something was going to be amazing he was just sure of it.

still he couldn't resist sneaking his hands down the boys pants playing with only the wait band, tugging the fabric lightly. " but can i get a little preview of how you're doing it?" quite honestly yonggi hated cuddling with clothes on anyways. min seemed in a constant state of cold and never really let him strip during these moments. still it didn't stop him from trying as many times as he could to get the boy naked. it wasn't often in a sexual context he simply just wanted to be as close to him as he could.

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 7 2017, 10:51 PM
min shrugs, hiding the bashful smile in yonggi's chest, a muffled chuckle sounding as yonggi plays along. "i'm sure they've seen worst than a boy in boxers." in fact, during his rare ventures into fanboards, min had found that it was often the fan girls who wanted him to strip some more. give them an exposed chest, and they asked for a full frontal.

the blush on min's cheeks depends to a vibrant tomato red, the tips of his ears flaming at the request yonggi murmurs to him. "i could...." he mumbles back, biting the insides of his cheeks to keep from smiling. "but i don't want your roommate walking in on me stripping for you." not that min ever would, his extraordinary confidence (in that aspect, at least) was usually kept for the stage alone. but he knows yonggi's actions are with innocent intentions so he doesn't push yonggi's hands away when they start playing with his waistband, instead sliding his hands under yonggi's shirt so he can feel the smooth expanse of yonggi's back under his fingers.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 7 2017, 11:01 PM
yonggi had to scoff knowing all too well how those girls could be...though he was extremely guilty of rousing more than a few unnecessary thingns with the fan girls. it was another one of his favorite past times, but further more it gave him a wonderful excuse to get his hands on min or jae in public without anyone really thinking twice. "would you really be wearing boxers on stage? or something a little more interesting?" he challenged. this time he let his fingers dip inside to find the wait of his underwear, testing what kind it was.

the idea of min stripping actually brought a whine to yonggis lips. it wasn't a noise he often made and he flushed moving to hide his face against mind hair. usually he had himself together and didn't beg like a horny teenager...the image was just simply too delicious. "min you have to promise me to do that one day. please. his words melted into a sigh as mins hands found bare skin. this as the closeness he wanted

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 7 2017, 11:21 PM
he shrugs awkwardly in the bed, a nervous giggle pushing past his lips at the question. "dunno, maybe i'll pull out the sexiestimate underwear i own... this is a special occasion, after all." these solo and collaboration stages were really the first time that the company had trusted the group with anything out of the ordinary. "but probably not." he tacks on with a teasing grin. min's underwear was boring as ever, just a plain black pair of boxers that yonggi's fingers are now toying with.

yonggi actually whines at him and min is kind of shocked at the usual noise, giving up on not grinning ear to ear. "what?" min questions. "strip for you? i doubt i'd be any good at it." though with an innate grace no matter what kind off dance he was doing, it wasn't likely to get that bad. maybe min would indulge yonggi some day soon...but who knew when they would meet properly next.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 8 2017, 07:41 AM
Yonggi chuckled, fingers tracing the skin above his underwear now. Soft slow, and lazy circles just happy to be warmed by Min. He smelled sweet and delcious and Yonggi burried his face deeper against his hair to breath deep. "Min do you even own sexy underwear? I swear I see you in the same three pairs.." he teased pressing another kiss to his temple. "But I mean, they all look good on my floor so I'm not terribly upset."

The flush stayed pink on his cheeks however, at the noise he made. Huffing, he was glad that Min couldn't see, but there was no missing that grin on his face. "Don't tease me, its been a while," He fussed, leaning to tilt Min's chin back, so he could kiss away that stupid smile. "Anything you do for me is wonderful, trust me,"

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 8 2017, 12:09 PM
laying like this makes min feel like they're the only two people left on this earth, like no matter what they will always be together. "yonggi you've seen my sexy underwear." that being said, yonggi had seen a lot and he wasn't wrong about the three pairs thing either, min only owned one brand in a very small variety of colors. "shut up." he grumbles at yonggi's second comment and if they'd been next to each other min would've fixed a very disapproving look in his direction.

min chuckles as yonggi leans in for a sweet kiss, lazily reciprocating. "it's okay, it's cute." min assures, leaving his head tilted upwards so he can stare up at yonggi's face. "i try." he replies with a cheeky grin. "you'd say that even if it was the worst striptease ever, don't lie." min adds with raised brows and lips quirked upwards at the corners.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 8 2017, 12:14 PM
Yonggi had to smirk, glad to have the upper hand in this situation. "I mean it doesnt have to be my floor where they end up. You know one of my group mates found them in the practice closet? That was a conversation that I had avoid," He smirked at the memory, though he was careful to tuck the lost underwear in his pocket to save any further humiliation.

He loved the lazy way Min kissed, as if htey had all the time in the world. As if they weren't overwhelmed and exhausted with schedules and people needing their attention. "The only cute one here is you," he said kisisng Min's nose this time, trying to hide his blush. "You say that like I'm the best judge on strip teasing, do you think I honestly know a thing or too about it? I'm completely innocent you know..."

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 9 2017, 08:19 PM
if his cheeks were red before, they were positively on fire and min lets out a gasp of surprise at the information yonggi shares. "i thought you said nobody would ever know what happened in there." just like that min's once again shoving his face into the crook of yonggi's neck in embarrassment. while he was sure yonggi's groupmates had probably started to catch on to the relationship that he shared with min, there were some things that none of them should ever be privy to.

there were few things that min could never, ever get tired of and kissing yonggi was definitely one. maybe it was just kisses in general, min's not sure, but even if they spent hours upon hours curled up and exchanging soft presses of the lips, it was still never enough to satiate him. "i'm not cute all the time... sometimes you are too." though min thought yonggi was always precious, he knows the thought probably wont go over too well with him. "completely innocent? that's some crap and we both know it." min says with a quiet laugh and a subtle shake of the head. if their previous escapades had anything to say about it, yonggi was far from innocent.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 9 2017, 09:20 PM
Yonggi loved that blush on his cheeks. The rich red complimented his skin tone so much that he had to pull back so he could kiss each rosy spot. “They didn’t know it was you, of course,” he teased with another kiss to the tip of his nose. ”Plus I recovered the evidence so it can’t be traced back to you,” They were his little trophy and he hoped one day he didn’t have to collect them. Maybe by some miracle they could move in together.

“Could you imagine every day like this Min?” he mused carefully, letting Min hide back in the crook of his neck for comfort, to let his fingers resume shifting their way through the soft strands of his hair. “Waking up like this, going to bed like this,” his voice was as soft as his touch as he wanted to kiss him again. He resisted this time for the sake of keeping them as close as possible.

At that, Yonggi had to laugh. “You know you’re right. You can be an awful brat sometimes, and that isn’t much cute…” but it was. He loved when Min threw fits because it meant he wants them. “I am innocent though you are wrong about that. You took advantage of your hung, how could you..” He let his tone take on an air of dramatics.

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 14 2017, 06:09 PM
blushing is not uncommon for min, especially not around yonggi who has a way of flustering him more than anyone else min has ever met. min whines at the attention, even if he secretly loves it more than anything else. "yeah they better not..." he grumbles, tilting his head back to catch yonggi's lips when he tries to kiss min's nose with a mischievous grin. "good 'cause nobody's allowed to know besides you and jae." they were min's moments to savor forever.

his eyes shut with his nose pressed against the warm skin of yonggi's neck. "don't tell me to think about that..." min's voice comes out muffled, but he knows yonggi will hear him anyways. the grip of min's fingers tighten subtly as if to actually mold them both together into one. "i'm gonna want it to be real." min frowns but the rest of his body begins to relax with each drag of fingers through his hair and he allows a warm sigh out, fanning across yonggi's neck.

"hey! you're not supposed to agree with me!" even if min was trying to be humble for once, he was still the cutest guy this side of the atlantic and he knew yonggi thought so too. "if i'm taking advantage of you maybe i should go..." even as min says that, he makes no move to leave the bed and probably wont until he absolutely has to.

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Posted by: poegostick Jan 16 2017, 09:55 PM
Yonggi chuckled at the way Min kept moving, kept trying to steal kisses from his lips instead. He wanted to kiss min soft and slow for hours, and he had half a mind to stop conversation to do that now. But instead he knew he needed both. Both the conversation and the kisses…

He wanted everyone to know that Min was his. Every concert he thought about just screaming it to his fans, to the news and the world. That Jungmin was the love of his life, and he needed nothing more. Well..except for Jae of course. “Maybe it will be real, when we’re old and ugly,” he teased nuzzling until he could find enough room between them to steal another kiss.

Huffing he shook his head and drew Min in close, fingers squeezing him carefully. “No you can’t go not at all. Plus you know I love it when you take advantage of me, Min,” He shifted against the younger male, hips just a bit too suggestive. “Though you don’t do it nearly enough for my taste.”

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Jan 16 2017, 10:16 PM
min knows it's not going to be very long before he starts slipping off to sleep. any hopes of staying up are thoroughly dashed between the languid strokes through his hair and the gentle rumbling of yonggi's chest when he speaks. already, the exhaustion from the day has begun to catch up and min's limbs feel awfully lethargic and heavy.

"old maybe... but i'm too pretty to ever be ugly." min knows yonggi will feel the shit-eating grin pulling lazily across his lips from where they lay resting against yonggi's skin. "i wouldn't mind waking up to your wrinkly face though." min would've stretched up to kiss him but... effort. instead he leans his head back and gives his lips an expectant pucker.

"i do know, considering you always come back." honestly the fact that both yonggi and jae still kept coming back to min was a miracle within itself and a quiet gasp is sucked in as yonggi shifts against him. "i would if I didn't have to limp out on stage afterwards... i don't want you to pop a hip or something before a show either." min teases, even if their jobs truly were a double-edged sword- exchanging so much for fame and passion.

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Posted by: poegostick Mar 19 2017, 08:10 AM
yonggi could all but feel his breathing start to even out. he knew it would just be a matter of time before min lost the battle on sleeping and drifted off in his arms. no matter what, yonggi was happy to have him near. even if it went no further than soft kisses and touches, and min sleeping warm beside him. that was more than enough.

scoffing lightly, he had to bite back a smile as min commented on just how pretty he was. "you're right, i'm wrong, how could such a gorgeous face ever be ugly?" he mused moving to nuzzle him again. though as he dipped down, he felt min lay back his head, lips squished up expecting a kiss. instead he tapped the plush lips with the tip of his finger. [b] "you're not getting a kiss after calling me wrinkly," he huffed, pretending to be offended.

the gasp was pleasing enough for yonggi and he didnt push any further, though the longer he laid here and thought about it the more he wanted. how many nights did he lay awake, alone in bed and think about min so much that he was sure he would go crazy. so to chase away those rather inappropriate thoughts, he instead shifted so that he could get a better look at min. [b] "youre doing okay though, right min? you arent pushing your body to hard?

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Mar 19 2017, 09:47 AM
QUOTE (wicked witch of the west @ Jan 16 2017, 11:16 PM)
he wishes it was easier to stay awake, like back before he had hit debut and stayed up into the wee hours of the morning every night. maybe it was because he was older now- old people didn't stay up late too often. still, min fights the drowsiness as best as he can for now, despite how his eyes droop farther and farther with every blink of the eye. they didn't get enough time as it was and min definitely didn't want to ruin the little time they did get by knocking out a few minutes in.

maybe being an overconfident little shit wasn't the optimal stance to take in this situation but if min's cute, yonggi is just a little bit cuter. instead of the kiss min was expecting, yonggi's finger taps against his lips. "i meant when we're old." he huffs, pouting.  maybe if he whined enough yonggi would reconsider and kiss him anyways. "fine i'll die here... unloved by my boyfriend." min says with a harumph. he was nothing if not a little dramatic.

min offers an awkward shrug to yonggi's question, flopping onto his back as yonggi shifts. "s'okay." he mumbles. it's been tough the last three months between his group's concerts, other schedules, and preparing for this performance but min feels content despite not getting more than four hours of sleep a night. "sleeping in tomorrow." min informs yonggi. practicing tonight meant they didn't have to get up until like nine tomorrow and, knowing min, it was going to get dragged out to at least ten.

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Posted by: poegostick Mar 19 2017, 10:19 AM

yonggi couldnt help but smile at the dramatics, eyes tracing over the beloved features of his boyfriend. his boyfriend. it still warmed him to the core, made his fingertips tingle, to hear himself called such a title. so how was he able to resist those pouting lips now. "you're right, poor min, so awfully mistreated by his boyfriend," he reached to trace those pouted lips once more, thumb dragging his lower lip down. his self control to avoid kissing him was very quickly running out.

still, unconvinced that min was completely healed, he sighed softly. there were no signs that it hurt min to move like this but all the same he wanted to make sure. sleeping in would be good for him, though it wouldn't be terribly late. though he lightened the mood, not wanting to bring it down with those concerns. they were for the morning, and the moment they had the rest of the night. "so if you get to sleep in late, does that mean i get to keep you up all night?" he teased, moving to adopt his easier tone, and let the corner of his lips turn up playfully. finally, he couldn't resist kisses. so he leaned to capture his lips again. once, twice, lightly teasing to see if min would come closer to him until finally he pushed forward, claiming his lips in a slow, but deep kiss. so he could taste min, so he could imprint his taste on min. so that he could take his time and kiss him as if the world outside didnt exist.

for only the briefest of moments he pulled back, only so that he could speak, with lips softly brushing against the others. "don't you think for a second that this boyfriend doesnt love you more than life itself," a tone of seriousness struck his tone. "i'd stop at nothing for you, min."

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Posted by: wicked witch of the west Mar 19 2017, 06:40 PM
maybe he's slightly more huffy and puffy because he's sleepy, but honestly who knew. once again, min can feel yonggi's thumb instead of his lips and it has min frowning in displeasure. "i can't believe it." he says, never to be satiated until he finally gets a proper kiss. though, as always, just one will never be enough. "how can you say no to this face?" though the question comes out a murmur, min's sure yonggi will get the idea from the out that's not left his face for even a second.

min knows yonggi worries for him, everyone worries for him these days. ever since that one show where he'd fucked up back up, it seems like his manager is constantly on his back about practicing too much or going too hard and it's something that min simply ignores more than anything else. he cannot be perfect if he doesn't practice and that is simply unacceptable. min lives on a very rigorous schedule that doesn't usually allow for much downtime but this, he will always take. "i guess." he replies, trying to be nonchalant even as he has to bite the insides of his cheeks to keep his smile from looking too demented. "are you sure you can stay up all night to cuddle me?" min questions with a mischievous grin and a waggle of the brows.

finally- finally- min gets an unsatisfying little kiss. "would you kick a puppy for me?" min questions almost immediately, though obviously kidding. "'cause i don't think i could kick a puppy for you." he pauses immediately after this, thoughtful. "well...maybe if it was rabid?" though puppies were cute and kicking them, rabid or not, was probably frowned upon.

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