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 The Bradfords
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May 14 2017, 11:04 PM
So I have decided to bring one of my most beloved role play families to COSL for plotting. The Bradford's! Like honest to god I love this entire family more than almost anything else so I am super excited to get them started! But before we can begin plotting you need to know all the characters. The are listed in order of age. There are a lot of them and so just prepare yourself for what you are about to take in!

Farrah Virginia Bradford - FC: Helen Mirren - 76 y/o
She is the matriarch of the family and tends to be snooty and unkind to outsiders she believed to be below her own rank and station in life. She is very traditional and has had trouble keeping up with all her son's marriages, but once you are part of the pack you are there for life. Her favorite by far was Alexandra.

Harrison Tulane Bradford - FC: Unknown - 53 y/o
So one might call him a bit of a man whore. Good thing he only has one older sister who has only two children, because he has had enough children for the entire family. He is a bit of a serial monogamist and enjoys being in long term relationships. His family dynamic is about as untraditional as you can get. He lives in his death fathers mansion with his current and ex wife and all his children. He is a fierce business man and rarely shows any mercy.

Alexandra Elizabeth Montgomery - FC: Jennifer Anniston - 50 y/o
Very high power executive type. She is the current head of the Bradford Bourbon Company and is very good at her job. She can come off as cold and aloof and hard to impress, but under the hard exterior is a woman who is kind, caring and very wise. Alexa does have a socialite side to her that comes out when ever the family hosts parties and such. She is mother to five of the Bradford children.

Caroline Xavier Bradford - FC: Kathryn Winnick - 43 y/o
Care is the monkey wrench thrown into the family. She is an artist by trade and loves to paint and draw, and happens to be very good at both. She is kind and very welcoming. She is a bit of a social butterfly and loves meeting all sorts of new people. She felt very out of place when she first entered the family, but she has carved out a niche for herself.

Andrew Billings Bradford - FC: Sam Way - 29 y/o
He is the most reserved and serious one of all his siblings. He Tends to be very business oriented and can be a bit awkward in social situations. His mother and Harrison's first wife died when he was two, and he was basically taken in by Alexandra whom he always considered his mother. He is the only Bradford child that seemed to have missed his fathers inherent charm and wit.

Julia Elaine Bradford - FC: Elyse Knowles - 24 y/o
Julia is certainly the party girl of the group or was until her little sister Virginia (Gin) came along. She graduated college with a B.S. in Marketing and has done absolutely nothing with it. She loves to party and have fun and wants to eventually does want to get into the event planning business. Despite her partying ways she graduated with top honors in school.

Christian Tulane Bradford - FC: Collin Key - 21 y/o
Of all his siblings Christian is most like his Father. He is charming, charismatic and cheeky. However when people mess with his family or friends he becomes overly protective and someone you certainly do not want to mess with. Christian is out going and very friendly, with a very easygoing personality. He attends the University of Alabama with his brother.

Samuel Nolan Bradford - FC: Collin Key - 21 y/o
While they may look identical Samuel and Christian are two very different individuals. Sam is more brooding and self possessed than Chris. He tends to have a more serious (and less carefree) outlook on life. That however does not mean he doesn't like to party. Sex is a very essential part of his life and he rarely has to go far to find a willing partner. He attends the University of Alabama with his brother.

Virginia Isabelle Bradford - FC: Baskin Champion - 20 y/o
She is the rebel child for sure and simply does not deal with authority very well. Virginia (Gin) is a party girl by nature and loves to have a good time, but reacts poorly to any one trying to tell her what to do. This has gotten her in more trouble than she cares to remember over the years. She is pretty easy with the sexual favors which has led to one very secretive abortion.

Knox Livingston Bradford - FC: Neels Visser - 18y/o
Knox is a hell of a lot like his older brother (Christian) and father. He is easy going and just simply enjoys life, however he was the baby of the family for 6 years and even after the twins were born he was doted upon by his mother. Because of that he has a bit of an inflated ego and his arrogance can be pretty annoying at times, but if you get past that he is a pretty decent human being.

So ALL of these wonderful characters absolutely need all the plots. I am down for just about anything! So throw all the feels at me!

This thread will be updated periodically with more information as plots are gathered!

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