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mar 18 we have a brand new skin! we have also made some much needed changes to the joint boards after reading feedback from our members in the sitewide surveys, so be sure to check out the announcement to learn all about the changes!! keep in mind, we're always looking for your feedback and suggestions to make this site a better place (you can leave them in ask the staff, pm one of us, discord chat or dm one of us). also don't forget about the current events going on -- the xxiii winter olympic games is going on until march 31 and can be found here and the 90th academy awards are going on until april 4 and can be found here.
july 4-14th. i'm in detroit and my muse is being fickle, don't give up on me pls and thank!

i will try my hardest to reply AT LEAST once a week because i don't want anyone to lose interest in plots, but please don't kill me if i don't. likewise, i'm very chill about posting frequency so don't feel like you need to get me a reply as soon as i post.

all-time faves
no, thank you!
please no
check out my crackship, i listed aprox. 500 people
alicia vikander, ariana grande, benedict cumberbatch, blake lively, cara delevingne, chloe moretz, dianna agron, jared leto, jennifer lawrence, justin bieber, karlie kloss, lea michelle, michael fassbender, nina dobrev, paul wesley, taylor swift, jenners/kardashians, generally anyone famous because of reality tv.

i will not play against youtubers, scene queens, unsigned models, etc.

noncon, dubcon (i'm okay with these as backstory, but won't play it unless i seek it out), pedophilia, parent/child incest
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