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 life finds a way, jurassic world plots!!!


    quote     Jul 14 2018, 04:10 PM  
mature? ask first
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singapore sling

(12/22) help me help u


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i still haven't seen fallen kingdom but the hype has me thirsting for jurassic world plots so here i am lmao

i'm mostly looking for comms and threads. i don't necessarily say rf threads because ??? my muse can get wordy even when i'm not trying to be but i in no way expect my partners to match with me. in terms of timeline - i'm cool with playing before the park's closure or even afterwards, as well as playing canon ships or canons x original characters.

park scientist/geneticist x park scientist/geneticist
guest x guest
employee x employee
handler x handler
employee x guest
owen grady x claire dearing
owen grady x oc
trespassing on the abandoned park mb??? idk
tbh anything in this setting

in terms of faces, u can check out my request here or dig through one of my previous crackships. i mostly play males so don't worry about switching off with me!!!! the only restriction i'm gonna put on this is please only suggest two plots/pairings to start off. if i don't feel overwhelmed - chances are i may ask you for more ideas but for right now i'm limiting this to two plots/ships per person.


baloney omie

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mature? no
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penny peony

    quote     Jul 14 2018, 07:57 PM  
mature? yes
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old fashioned

07/13/18 : I am either fast or slow with replies. college graduation and figuring out life has left me here to cope or i may be out a few days because mental health so thank you for your patience everyone <3


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hi hi ! still haven't seen fallen kingdom either but oml would be so down for a jurassic world plot.

i would love a handler x handler, maybe different exhibits. starts with friendship, they always visit each other, teach each other about their dinosaur. tries to keep it professional. or an employee x guest, perhaps the guest is an investor for the park so they dont want them to be getting involved romantically with staff because if something goes wrong the park could suffer idk


    quote     Jul 14 2018, 08:11 PM  
mature? ask first
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singapore sling

(12/22) help me help u


18+   ➳   they/them   ➳   est
penny peony i cant decide but i love both of these sm do u have discord so we can chat this out??


    quote     Jul 14 2018, 11:30 PM  
mature? yes
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I'm having surgery on the 19th and will be bed bound for two weeks. Right after the surgery I'll be in the hospital for two days and won't be able to sit up, let alone type so no replies until I get back home


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Your jeffery dean morgan x my rosario dawson for age gap/enemies to lovers

she's the dino doc and he's the head security guy and they're always butting heads but have this unresolved sexual tension between them that both refuse to acknowledge. Then they have to work together when the park turns to chaos. han.
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