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you're lazy, brady.
« ˟ 09.17.17 ˟ » i'm slowly getting around to replying to everyone, my apologies for the long wait! i'm using a randomizer to decide the order i reply to the threads, so if i reply to someone faster than you, it's not intentional!

« ˟ BEFORE YOU PLOT WITH ME ˟ » please be aware that i am the sort of person that puts my job before anything, and my social life second. rp is a hobby for me, and therefore replies can take time. if you want someone who replies fast, i am not the partner for you.

triggers/no gos
i live for triggers. i won't do age gap plots unless it's mxf, i play the male, and the woman is older tho. also won’t do nothing yathing involvong cheating. soz not soz.
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fav faces
males | ashton irwin, avan jogia, bradley simpson, calum hood, cody simpson, connor ball, dylan o’brien, francisco lachowski, george shelley, harry styles, jack falahee, josh hutcherson, kit harington, liam payne, louis tomlinson, luke hemmings, matthew daddario, michael clifford, niall horan, nick robinson, richard madden, sam claflin, taron egerton, tyler posey, zayn malik

females | camilla cabello, emilia clarke, lauren jauregui, kendall jenner, zoe sugg (pretty much anyone, but these are my top faves)
no thanks
colton haynes, basically any cw face claim (exceptions are listed above), reality tv stars (exceptions listed above). i'm not huge into asian face claims and likely won't use them myself, but you are more than welcome to use them to play against me.

please keep the cbox pg 13!